Dove Summer Glow Review (From the Archives)


Hello all! Today is Friday which means one thing - Its time to share another post from my blog archives!
Today I thought that I would share my thoughts on one of my favourite self tanners as we are creeping into spring and I feel that I need to start using this again!


This tanner isn't runny in consistency but also isn't thick. This means that it is easy to apply to your body and also easy to blend. 

This tanner does have a smell to it but not a biscuity smell that fake tans often do. Instead it smells pleasant (as pleasant as fake tans can smell!) and doesn't leave you with an awful lingering scent.

The lotion is also very moisturising, the opposite of many other fake tans, and develops evenly ( if applied evenly)without leaving awful tan lines. Overall I love the look it gives you. You are definitely given a 'glow' that instead of looking fake looks natural, as if you'd spent the day in the sun.

If you are wanted something darker then I wouldn't recommend this as this is very natural but if you are pale and want a hint of colour then this is great.


Those were my thoughts on this fake tan in July 2011! Have you tried this fake tan? What is your favourite gradual tanner? 

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  1. These looks like a really nice fake tan, I think your reviews have got so much better since then (not that they were bad or anything!) xxx

  2. I also use this gradual tanner, I really liked the Nivea one which I can find anymore, but this is definitely my second choice :-) x


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