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I have been purchasing a couple of things lately and thought it may be of your interest for me to do a haul/first impressions post. Please tell me if you liked this post :D

Body Shop Cleanser and Toner - £3.50 (Usually £4 each)

I bought these on a bit of a whim really. I was at a local fete and I saw a local Body Shop at Home Rep had a special offer. Cucumber Cleanser and Toner for £3.50 ( when they usually retail at £4 each). So this was a no brainer. Give them a try!

I am yet to properly test them out thoroughly, but I have used the cleanser and it is gentle on the skin and helps to effortlessly remove every trace of face makeup.

Mac and Benefit

MAC Studio Finish Concealer -£13.50 - (£11.45 - Duty Free)

Whilst on my travels recently I got a bit distracted and made my way to the MAC counter . I don't feel that I need any lip/eye products right now so I thought that I would try two of their most highly rated concealers.

This is the only concealer I have tried out of the two and its great! It covers my blemishes incredibly and lasts all day when set with a powder. I am yet to try it under my eyes but as soon as I do I will update this post.

Benefit High Beam - GLAMOUR Magazine - £2

I have never tried any of the Benefit Tints but this is great. It is so easy for on the go and will leave you looking luminous all day. Unsure I will need to repurchase though, as a little goes a long way!

MAC Select Moisturecover - £13.50 (£11.45)

I hope you liked this post. I will update each item or will post a separate review once I have used the products more.

Also, do you like the new photo background??

Lilleymay xxx

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  1. i like the photo background. :)


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