How to get clearer skin: My Skincare Routine


Determined to have minimal breakouts during the next couple of months I have been dedicated to my cleansing routine and boy is it now showing!

Remove (all) make-up everyday

Yes. We all have hat day when we can't be bothered to stand up let alone wash our face, but this step is really important.

At the minute I enjoy using a Cream Cleanser and a toner as it will get every ounce of make-up off your face. Any make-up remover is fine whether it be high street or high end as long as everything is removed, sooner rather than later preferably.

Apply spot treatments regularly.

I am yet to find a spot treatment that I swear by but I try to apply the treatments that I do have as regularly as possible to make the most of the product and its 'magical' powers.
Use a spot fighting treatment alongside (or under) your make-up

I have now got into the habit of applying a base of sudocrem underneath my foundation and have found that it really helps. It means that my spots are still being treated even when I'm wearing make-up, which is great!


This is really important as it gets rid of old skin cells allowing new fresh skin to regrow.

Blotting Papers

If you have oily skin these are most probably your best friends and if you have dry skin these surprisingly can be great too! I suffer with dry skin and when trying a blotting sheet from a friend was very surprised about the amount of oil was on my face. 

Oil on your face does not help spots and can cause breakouts. By using these on my forehead and hair-line mainly, and of course near my spots, my spots do not get worse.

I hope these tips are useful. If you have any questions or tips to share then please comment below.

LilleyMay xx

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