Review: Body Shop Cucumber Cleanser and Toner


For the past 3 weeks I have been using the Cucumber Cleansing Milk and Freshening Water as my cleanser and toner of choice.  I picked these both up for £3.50 from a Body Shop at Home Representative but instore these retail for £4 each.


"A beauty classic returns. This gentle cleansing milk refreshes skin as it wipes away make-up and the grime of the day.Cleansing.Refreshing. Gentle on the Skin."

This definately lives up to what i claims. Make up is removed effortlessly as the easily blendable consistency lifts almost all of your make-up easily off your face. I find when using this cleanser, two applications work best.

Recommended applicatication

This cleanser is suitable for all skins types and is also suitable for sensitive skin, which I suffer with.

The cleanser is very refreshing and cooling when applied and leaves your skin feeling smooth and looking dewy. I suffer with Dry/Sensitive skin so the slight residue that is left on your face does not bother me, however people with oily skin may dislike this factor. In saying this, the majority of the residue that the cleanser leaves on your face is removed with the toner or by lightly pattign your face with a towel.


"This toner removes the last traces of make-up and leaves skin feeling cool and refreshed.Cooling.Refreshing."

This, again, lives up to its claims. This ensures that every last trace of make-up is removed and your skin is left refreshed.

The difference between this and previous toners I have used is that is it very refreshing on the skin and you are left dewy and glowing, perfect for summer.


These two products work perfectly together to ensure your make-up is removed effortlessly and gently. If you want to be left feeling refreshed and moisturised with a naturally glowing skin then this is perfect.

A little of each product goes a long way; so you will be picking up a bargain.

Definately recommend for dull/ dry/normal skin. Unfortunately it is hard for me to say if this would work for oily skin.

Repurchase? Yes

Hope this was helpful

LilleyMay xx

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  1. body shop cleansers and toners are the best! :) xox

  2. This was so helpful! I am now stuck between purchasing Liz Earle Cleansing kit or the body shops cleansers xx

  3. IT depends on the condition of your skin. This , I would say, doesn't clear your skin as well as the liz Earle would, from what I have heard.

  4. Once I've used my liz earle cleanser for at least two weeks I'll do a review on it :) xox


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