If you have read previous posts of mine you may have noticed me raving about Sudocrem. I also have recently seen an ADVERT in GLAMOUR that inspired me to do this post and show you how versatile this product is.

Cuts and scratches

With the cream containing antiseptic, this is gentle and will not sting. It also will help them heal quicker.


As summer has now arrived many will be jetting off abroad or will be spending longer in the sun. If you do get burnt this will soothe the area and try to prevent peeling.

Rough or Dry Skin

 This skin is also perfect if you have small rough patches on your face or body as it will moisturise the skin and make it feel silky smooth

Shoes that rub

Like you can with Vaseline, Sudocrem can be used as an extra skin layer to reduce rubbing.

Breakouts (or ACNE)

This is the reason I repurchase Sudocrem, it can be used in small amounts on individual breakouts or layered all over an area to treat a larger amount of breakouts or acne.

What I like to do is apply this underneath my foundation during the day and apply a thick layer, to sink in, at night.

Hope this post wasn't boring from you.

Any post requests or suggestions then please comment below.

LilleyMay x

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  1. Thanks for doing this post! Never knew sudocrem could be used for rubbing on shoes. My feet take too long to break in new shoes so I will see if this helps me :)

    xxx Kat

  2. We swear by sudocrem in my family ;) it definitely helps my spots! xox

  3. I adore sudocrem, its my go to product whenever something goes wrong! I love covering my face in it like a face mask.

    Picked your blog up from the #bbloggers chat :).

    Much love: (@glampire_x).



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