Dove Summer Glow: Review


After recently returning from my holiday abroad I came to find that my legs were less tanned than my arms (many may not call me tanned but for an English Rose like me I could see the difference!) Usually I reach for my St. Moriz fake tan that is great but would be darker than my arms, unless I fake tanned the whole of my body.

I then realised that I had a Dove Summer Glow in my cupboard looking lonely. This is a gradual tanner that leaves you with a 'light tan'. Perfect! The only problem was that I had previously had many problems using the Johnsons Holiday Skin ( luckily I had only paid £1 for!) and was left with awkward orange tan lines.

This left me apprehensive to use this. Luckily Ellie, ( A blog which I love :D), had posted a review about this tanner and how much better it was than the Johnsons Gradual Tanner.


This tanner is not runny but also isn't thick. This means that it is easy to apply and also easy to blend. 

This tanner does have a smell to it but not a biscuity smell that fake tans often do. Instead it smells pleasent and would appeal to more people.

The lotion is also very moisturising, which you would hope for, and develops evenly ( if applied evenly).

I also love the look it gives you. You are definately given a 'glow' that instead of looking fake looks natural, as if you'd spent the day in the sun.

If you are wanted something darker then I wouldn't recommend this. I find St. Moriz would be better. But if you are pale and want a hint of colour then this is great.

Any questions then please comment below.

LilleyMay xx

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  1. I used this in the lead up to 'summer' and it was so good! So much easier than normal fake tans! :) xx


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