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For those who have never heard of this brand, Technic is a brand from the company BadgeQuo which offers a large range of cosmetics at affordable prices, easily price comparable to Miss Sporty and Natural Collection.

Technic is available from most discount websites, such a and also from Bodycare.

I thought that it may be useful, as I couldn't find reviews for the range myself previous to my order, that I would review the products I own and also share with you the Best and Worst of the Products I tried.

Technic Natural Lashes Clear Mascara/£1.49

I bought this initially to use as a clear mascara but this has now been transitioned to a brow gel. I found that as a mascara it made no difference whatsoever to my lashes and that I was wasting my time. As a brow gel however it works great. I cannot compare it to others unfortunately as I have never tried another make but I do find that when I use this my brows stay under control for a couple of hours longer than if they were keft on their own.

Repurchase: No. I feel that I could survive without this.

Technic Whipped Blusher Mousse Candy Pink /£2.99

I had never tried blusher mousse's before I bought this and unfortunately I am put off. I am far too lazy to work with this especially as the blusher is far too dark for me. I find that, because the pot is small, I cannot fit a blusher brush into the pot, meaning I have to apply it with my fingers. For one this is not hygienic and two it is harder to get the luck you want to achieve.

The blusher is of a natural matte finish and feels light on the skin. I do find that is is hard to blend out once applied and only a little is needed.The colour will last on the skin for about 3-4 hours and does not fade patchy.

Repurchase: No - It is a good quality product but I find it takes a lot of effort to get the look I want to achieve.

Technic Eyeshadow Quartet/£1.49

I purchased this as a universal palette that I could use for a simple, quick,everyday eyeshadow look that I could acheive in less than a minute.
As you can see from the picture, I have got my use out of the brown/orange colour and have hit pan. I do find that the pigmentation of each shadow varies but all of which are of good quality, especially the purple.

By themselves the colour will only last for a couple of hours max but with a base these will last 8 hours no problem.

Repurchase: Yes.

Technic Lipstick Pink Lady /£1.99

Unfortunately this photograph does not show the glittery frost pink that this is and in the words of GossMakeupArtist; Pale Frosty lipstick serves two purposes;To make you look ill; To make your teeth look yellow.

This serves both and if you apply this you will get glitter everywhere. I was very dissapointed with the webpages swatch of this as I didn't realise it contained glitter and didn't realise it was a frost.

Repurchase: No


Unfortunately, due to me not purchasing the strongest products from this brand, this is not a very positive view of this brand. I do feel that you get what you pay for with most of their products but if you find a product that works for you than you've hit a goldmine!

Best- Eyeshadow Quads
Worst- Pink Lady Lipstick

Gracie for TheUglyFaceofBeauty loves Technics HighLights, a great dupe for Benefit High Beam and Holly, GoodGollyMissHollie has positively reviewed Technics Face Primer as a very good dupe for MAC prep and prime. This proves to me that technic does have some gems amoungst its batch.

What do you think of Technic?

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  1. thanks for this :D i;ve never tried technic before but I might give it a try! xox

  2. I ve tried the clear mascara I like it so far but oh come on the smell !!! and I like the highlighter and primer :)

  3. I ve tried the clear mascara I like it so far but oh come on the smell !!! and I like the highlighter and primer :)

  4. I've reviewed this brand on my blog, you can find it here at...


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