Superdrug Haul


Yesterday I took a cheeky trip to Superdrug to pick up a couple of necesseties, in my eyes anyway.

Superdrug Clarity Rapid Results Treatment Pen - £0.99

Lately I have been religiously cleansing,toning, treating, you name it to sort my skin out.

To help with this I did a little research online to find a good spot treatment. I came across a very positive review for this so thought I would put it to the test.

N.Y.C Smooth Skin Face Powder - £.199

Now that my skin is slightly more tanned I decided it was only right to purchase a face powder that matches. I don't feel the need at this time of year to invest in a powder as in summer it will only melt off anyway, whatever the brand.

I do find that I need to apply quite a lot of this to achieve the look I want but does give good coverage if you build it up.

Only a quick haul for you. Any requests then please post a comment.

LilleyMay xx

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  1. i nominated you :) xxx


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