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Hello everyone! Today's student post is my guide and checklist for packing for university. I spent an awfully long time last year reading and compiling comprehensive lists before moving into halls, so I thought that I would share my lists with you today. 

I’ve always been an overpacker, however, I’ve also gained myself a reputation (from my mum mainly) for always remembering the items that many may forget. If you are moving to university in September, I hope that this list is helpful and highlights the things you may have forgotten about or the things that you think you need but you really don't. Please do take my list with a pinch of salt as, practically speaking, you have got to fit this in your car after all!


Bedding: Duvet, pillows, 2 x duvet cover and sheets, a mattress protector, mattress topper*, blanket* and  scatter cushions*. 

Although I was only going to bring one set of bedding originally, it is definitely worth bringing two sets of bed sheets so that you have one set that you can put on whilst you wash the other - I’d highly Primark bedding, affordable but lovely quality! 

Practical items: Alarm clock ( I took my Lumie Lamp), waste bin, a laundry bag/washing basket ( I used a storage bag from Home Bargains), desk lamp, clothes hangers, extension lead, door stop (crucial for allowing social interaction with flatmates), drying rack,  a small desk mirror*, a calendar or planner* ( I used one that was given free by the students union during freshers week), an umbrella, batteries, white tac*, command hooks, over the door hanger*, playing cards* and a rug*. 

Most university halls have a large noticeboard so I would highly recommend bringing some drawing pins, photos of family and friends and fairy lights to help decorate the room. Its also worth investing in some command hooks should you wish to hang up fairy lights or photos on the wall.

Personal items: Clothes (as tempting as it is, try not to pack your entire wardrobe and take seasons into account), dressing gown* (crucial if you’re living in a cold student house), make up and hair products and brushes, hair dryer, straighteners, sanitary products, nail polish and remover, air freshener/febreze, reed diffuser, first aid kit (including items to conquer freshers flu, plasters, paracetamol etc), some books/dvds, iPod  speakers*,  and some fancy dress* items. 

When bringing clothes, its important to consider what the weather will be like in the city/town you are moving to and if you will need any special clothes for sports, fancy dress etc. Make sure that you bring some reliable shoes for walking to and from uni, and some shoes that you don't mind wrecking on a night out!

Shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, a shower puff, shaving gel, razor(s), body scrubs/body butters, skincare. Toothbrush, toothpaste, liquid hand soap, toilet brush, toilet roll, 2 x Bath towels, 2x hand towels, 3 x face cloths and a bath mat, cleaning supplies ( I’d recommend antibacterial wipes as well as in shower spray).  

I brought a small white wicker set of drawers with me to store my toiletries in my bathroom tidily but some may say this was unnecessary, a storage box or basket will suffice.

2 x large plates, 2 x smaller plates, 2 x bowls, 2 x half pint glasses, 2 x mugs, spoons, knives, forks and teaspoons (buy cheap or identifiable cutlery as these are most likely to go missing), at least one sharp knife, scissors, chopping boards, can opener, bottle opener, wooden spoon*/plastic turning spoon, spatula, sauce pan, frying pan/wok* ( invest in a decent frying pan as they will get ruined otherwise), roasting tray/dish, oven gloves, apron*, colander/sieve, mixing bowl, measuring jug, whisk, cheese grater, vegetable peeler, freezer bags, food containers (I used recycled takeaway containers), tin foil, cling film, bag clips*, washing up liquid,  washing up brush/sponge ( I swear by the dishmatic sponges that you can top up with fairy liquid) scourer sponges, cleaning items, carrier bags, bin liners and tea towels.

I’d recommend stocking up on the large refillable A4 refill pads. Generally you will need the standard stationary such as pens, pencils, rulers, eraser, sharpeners, scissors, sello tape*, paper clips*, highlighters, folders, dividers, plastic wallets*, a hole punch, stapler, extra staples and post it notes.

I had tolled about the idea of not taking a printer* before going to university but found that by week 3 that I missed not having one, so brought my spare one from home along with some refill paper. 

Washing Up Brush ( Dishmatic), scourers, dishcloths, duster, dettol, bleach/ toilet cleaner, washing up liquid, polish, toilet wipes, anti-bacterial wipes, febreze and washing powder tabs. 

So that's my list of things to take with you when moving out for university. Obviously this post is a very comprehensive list aimed at those with the luxury of being able to drive to move to university! I have marked certain items with an * to indicate these as a luxury item. I hope that this list was helpful and if you have anything else to add to it then do leave a comment below!

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