REVIEW: Opia Make-up Brushes


Many of you will know that Primark is well known for its affordable 'disposable fashion' but how knowledgeable are you of their make-up products?

The four make-up brushes photographed above all retail for (as far as I am aware) £1.50 and a great alternative to other make up brushes.

Now before I get into my review I would like to state that the most I have spent on a make-up brush is £10 and I have never been able to try MAC or any other high end make-up brushes so cannot compare these to those.

(t-b) Foundation and Concealer Brush, Blending Brush

Foundation and Concealer Brush (Foundation)

This foundation brush is relatively flat and not at all dense. This brush can be difficult to use and if you are not very succesful when applying foundation with other foundation brushes like this, this will not be any easier.

Foundation is very hard to apply and blend with this and you will need to use another brush, or your fingers, to finish your application.

Foundation and Concealer Brush (Concealer)

Although I dislike the other end of this brush, I love the concealer end.

I was actually happy when the glue came away from the concealer end so that I was able to carry the concealer end by itself. Because of its compact size, the bristles are relatively dense, meaning concealer is applied directly to my under eye area and is blended effortlessly.

Blending Brush

This brush is designed mainly for blending of faceproducts but would also work well for liquid eye products.

Each end is of a size that it is convenient to target specific areas of the face and the small angled brush is perfect for under the eyes.

The 'larger' brush is less dense than the smaller end meaning it is harder to use than the angled brush but is still great for applying foundation to more difficult areas of your face.

(l-r) Kabuki, Blusher Brush


This Kabuki is the first Kabuki that I have owned and will be the only one for a long time. I do not understand why you need to pay any more for a brush that works just as well.

I love this for applying face powder or applying a light hint of bronze and also for blending.

Blusher Brush

If I were to recommend this brush it wouldn't be for blush. I don;t feel that the brush is dense enough for me and that there would be too much fallout. I much prefer this brush for a light powder coverage as the brush allows you evenly distribute the product.


I love Opia Brushes. They are really soft and have not shed in the past year or so that I have owned these. Do note that with the double ended brushes that the glue will come apart and more glue will be required, but other than that the brushes will not let you down.

If I were only to recommend two of these brushes I would recommend the Kabuku and the blending brush as they will brighten up your make-up collection and will make a difference to your make-up application.

Have you tried Opia brushes?

LilleyMay xx

P.S I was thinking of doing a Best and Worst Products blog series but wanted your opinions - Would you rather I shared with you Best and Worst products by brand or give you my Best and Worst products by type. Would you like to see a Best and Worst series at all?

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  1. This is such a great post I'm inspired to buy them =] xx

  2. 4 Brushes for £6 = BARGAIN ;D

  3. Wow I've never even realised that Primark sold make up brushes! This is so cool :) I like best and worst products of all brands :D xox

  4. lol my foundation/concealer brush broke aswell so my dad superglued it!!! :) x


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