Review: MAC Concealers (Studio Finish & Select Moisturecover)


At the end of June I took a trip to the duty free at my airport. Now that I have been using these products for over a month, I feel that I have had enough time to test these out and review them for you.

MAC Studio Finish

I picked this up at the airport, but this is availible from department stores such as Selfridges or Debenhams and of course at from £13.50.

I was initially doubtful to spend this amount on a concealer but after hearing that people still have remains left of this after 12 months of continual usage, my doubts vanished.

This concealer is a thick consistency where a little WILL go a long way. I usually apply this with a concealer, or blending, brush and and tap lightly using my ring finger to ensure bacteria isn't transferred into the packaging.

Because of the thickness of this concealer, it is heavy duty and will cover everything. I have a blemish on my face that no other concealer was able to cover but MAC studio finish was able to cover this no problem.

If set with a powder this will last all day and won't crease.

I would recommend this concealer mostly for heavy duty blemish concealing but is also good for under eye shadows, though can be slightly drying in texture.

I would definately recommend this concealer as it easily blends and covers and will last for a long time. Do not be put off by the price. This is worth the investment.

MAC Select Moisturecover

I bought this to cover under eye shadows and was pleasently surprised at how much it covers even though it is a liquid concealer that feels lightweight when applied.

It is packaged like the lip glosses in a tube and a doe-foot applicator. Only one spot of concealer needs to be applied and it will blend to cover all shadows under your eye and leaving under your eyes lookings dewy and more awake.

This concealer can easily be layered building up to be a fuller coverage.

I would recommend buying this concealer for your under eyes opposed to covering blemishes, as I feel a concealer such as MAC Studio Finish has a better coverage for that.

Do not be put off by the price. A little will go a long way and the reliable MAC quality means that if this concealer is set with a powder,like the Studio Finish, it will last all day.

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  1. great review! I know that some of us are a little heavy handed with makeup so it's good to know in advance that we don't need to use as much ;)
    I'm following you back ;)

  2. thank you so much for following me! :D


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