Products I regret Buying (Wouldn't repurchase) (2)


Following my previous Products I regret buying post I came across some additonal products that I haven't used for a long time and wouldn't repurchase. Please only take this as a pinch of salt. You may have these and love them but these aren't my cup of tea!

Rimmel Colour Mousse - Snow Queen

I bought this hoping it would work as an eyeshadow base and helping my eyeshadows last longer. This unfortunately does not do this. This works more like an eyeshadow paint, sweep over the lid and it is left on its own to make a quick eyeshadow look.

Unfortunately I am not one of few people that could work a frosty white eyeshadow lok for casual wear so this rarely gets its useage. I do think though that if this paint was a different colour I would get more wear from it.

It does last a long time on its own and is excellent quality, it is just that the colour is unwearable that I would not recommend buying this.

2True Eyeshadow Dazzlers

I bought these as a slightly cheaper alternative to the Barry M Dazzle Dusts. I find that due to the colours of these and the fall out of these during application, I do not use these very often.

I find that when using these I have to do more eye make-up first as a precaution from the fall out and eye shadow primer is definately an essential to ensure that the glitter stays on your eyes.

These are great for a party or a fancy dress outfit but can be a faff for everyday wear as the product gets everywhere.

Clearasil Overnight Serum

This retails for approximately £7 in Boots but I paid £1 for this from Home Bargains. I thought this was a steal so picked it up to try.

I love the packaging of this as the product comes out from a pump with the right amount you would need. The only downfall from this product is that it doesn't work. I could apply the whole tube of this to my face and I still wouldn't see a difference to my skin. It is just a waste of money buying this and it doesn't make any difference to your breakouts.

Boots Tea Tree Wand

Unfortunately I don't have much good to say about this either. The packaging isn't hygienic as you are applying the gel to the spot and then passing the bacteria back into the tube and the spot gel does not fight spots or show instant action as it claims. The only thing that this product may be useful for is if you have spots under the surface and you want to bring them to the surface, but I doubt many would want this to happen.

What products do you regret buying??

Lilley xx

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  1. i like posts like these, very helpful :)

  2. i really like this post I was thinking of looking into a whitchazel stick! :)
    check out my blog :)

  3. @Arianne Cruz Thank you, I'm glad you do.

    @Ginge..x I was really disappointed with the spot wands but I have heard good things about the WITCH range in superdrug. Also, the Boots Tea Tree and Witchhazel range is undergoing a revamp and some new products are being released, so fingers crossed the formula has been improved.

  4. Such a good post! I wish more bloggers did them! I agree with the cetaphil one, and basically 90% of the acne medications at the store. I had to go to a dermatologist to fix my acne, and it definitely worked ;)


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