Product Rave: Primark Make-up Roll


My Make up Roll

For those who have read previous blog posts, you may recognize my make-up roll (photographed above), which I purchased for a purse friendly fiver from Primark.

I no longer struggle rummaging through a compact make-up bag to find my concealer nestled in the deep corners but instead can easily see my make-up and easily find what I am looking for.

If you haven't spotted these before, I urge you to take a nosey in your local Primarni and grab yourself a bargain!

LilleyMay xx

(P.S Let me know if you want me to go into further detail of my make up roll)

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  1. Ooooh sounds good! Might have to have a browse in primark now! :) thank you xox

  2. I'd love you to do a whats in my makeup roll :) xxx

  3. Hey I just gave you the one lovely blog award, be sure to pop by my blog to check it out! <3

  4. I have one of these too, there so much easier then any other types of bags! love your blog, I'm following, hopefully you'll follow back! :) xx

  5. very useful! i'd totally get one but i hardly ever wear make up :P you've got a really cute blog :)xxx


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