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(left to right: W7 Sliders Lipbalm, BlistexMed Plus, Vaseline, I love... Strawberry Milkshake, PRIMARK Strawberry lip balm, Coca Cola Lip Smacker, Strawberry CHAPSTICK with SPF10, Lypsyl Original, CHAPSTICK Medicated, Cotton Candy Lip Smacker )

So as you may have noticed reading previous posts; I may as well be married to my CHAPSTICK I love it that much. But my love for lip balms doesn't stop there! I have, and have tried, a large amount of lip balms and have come to find ones that I love and equally ones that I dislike.

I feel that when it comes to Lip Balms they can be confusing. How can lip balms be confusing? There are that many on the market that all moisturise your lips differently. To help with this I will rate each lip balm shown as the following

LOW  - Everyday lip protection, for lips that don't need added moisture and don't often dry out

MEDIUM - Lip protection that could be used a couple of times a day to prevent dryness that you may be more prone to

HIGH-  Heavy duty Instant moisture for dry and chapped ( maybe even peeling) lips


W7 Slider Lipbalm - Raspberry - LOW

This smells and tastes lovely and is creamy too! If you are only in need of a little moisture, this will do the job perfectly and will give a lovely colour to your lips


If your lips are very dry this will moisturise then and will leave your lips all tingly!


Vaseline is a great multi-purpose product. It could be applied heavily at night to treat dryness or applied lightly to give you a moisture. 

I love... Strawberry Milkshake - LOW

This smells great but because of its consistency can be quite sticky and messy. In saying this, this balm leaves your lips glossy and smooth.

PRIMARK Strawberry Lip Balm - LOW

This has a thick consistency which can be hard to work with but gives a lot of moisture with a small amount, a little goes a long way! Not the best lip balm but great for an affordable balm.

Coca Cola Lip Smacker - LOW (very)

If you like the flavours of these Lip Smackers then great! If you don't then there is no point in buying this (obviously!) I feel that these don't moisturise you lips at at all so please waste your money on these.


This tastes AMAZING and is extremely moisturising. With the added SPF too, this lip balm is definately an essential!


 My lips at the start of the year had reached the point of peeling all over and having them swell up. It was awful! This lip balm was my saviour and for that I have been faithful to it.
Cotton Candy Lipsmacker - LOW
I find this slightly more moisturising than the Cola Lipsmacker and also with a better taste! If only a little moisture is needed, this is great.
I hope this is useful. If you want a more in depth review about any of these or have any questions please comment below.


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  1. I adore lip balms! I have a vast collection of them as well. Aloe Vera Vaseline still tops them all though I think! :) xx

  2. Surprizingly I haven't tried that! xx

  3. I think the fanta lip balms from Primark are ABSOUTLY great. Well i havent tried the coke one's though.


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