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Many of you reading this may have read a previous post of mine, Top 3 Products under £5. I enjoyed writing the post and reading other peoples versions of it. Because of this I thought it may be interesting for you to hear my favourite products under £10.

Many, if not all, of these products have been featured on my blog before, only because if I like a product enough I will rave home about it.

Hollister Body Spray / £10 - 2 for £14

These are rather expensive considering you can purchase one of these for £2 from Natural Collection but these smell divine and the bottle will easily last you three months.

Bourjois Healthy Mix / £9.99

This is my all time favourite foundation. It is light and dewy but also gives you great coverage.
MAX Factor False Lash Effect / £8.95

I love this mascara. It easily coats your lashes leaving them thicker and longer. It doesn't clump and won't flake off your lashes.

PanOxyl / £3 approx

This is one of few spot treatments that show visible results. I have many spots under the surface and this shows visible results overnight. You do have  be cautious though as this does dry out the skin in the areas in which it has been applied.

ELF Studio Powder Brush /£3.50

I have done a review of this brush already on my blog and I still rave about this brush. It is great for powder and liquid products and leaves with a flawless look.

MAX Factor Lipfinity Colour & Gloss / £9.99

Yes. This is very expensive for a lip gloss but , because it is double ended , you can justify the price. This acts as as lip tint and as a sheer gloss. It is very versatile and this is my go-to gloss when I go out. The tint easily blends into your lips without drying and the gloss adds a gloss that also moisturises your lips.

Accesorize Baked Bronzer Duo - Pear Sands / £6

Again, a versatile products that means you get more for your money. I love the glow that this gives and it lasts. I often use either the highlighter or the bronzer on its own the mix the colours together to give a more subtle bronze.

Thats all for my Top Products under £10. What are yours?

I TAG you all to post your Top Products! xx

P.S Please go to my previous post and help me to choose which bag to get to go with my Black Uniform.

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  1. Max Factor False Lash effect is just the world's BEST mascara. Full stop. I like to wear it underneath the Bourjois Volume Clubbing mascara for a brilliant defined, voluminous lash look. Love, love, love it.

  2. PS- Such a great idea for a blog post! Think I may do my own :) thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I think i'll do one of these posts :)
    I have the first four products, and i have to agree on how amazing they are!
    The Hollister body sprays are my favourite smells in the world! haha, i have 3 different ones but in total i've had about 6 bottles, but just kept going back for more. I've had one of the bottles since last year as well, and i use it regularly :)

  4. I love these posts!!!! I think i may do one myself aswell :D I really want to try the healthy mix foundation :)


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