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We all love styling our hair and electrical hair tools are most beauty lovers staple.  Whether my hair likes it or not, I often opt for styling my hair with heat as it is quick and easy.

Babyliss Curling Wand

The idea of this wand is to wrap your hair around the silver cone, the closer to the smaller end, the tighter the curl. Generally it takes me about 15 minutes to do my whole head. I find that if I curl my hair with this and spray a small amount of hairspray, the curls will last all day.

There are four heat settings from 155 to 200 degrees. It takes very little time to heat up, well under a minute, and you know it has reached temperature when the light stops flashing next to the corresponding heat setting.

I like to curl my hair in small sections, approximately an inch width, and hold my hair on the heat for 10 seconds. It is a little bit fiddly at first but then one you get the hang of how to use this type of iron,it is really easy

The disadvantage to not having a clamp on this iron, and due to the nature of a conical wand, there is a high risk of you catching you hand and burning yourself. Babyliss do supply a handy heat protective glove which is thin enough to still have control but thick enough to reduce the heat that is felt on your fingers.

Babyliss Root Boost

"The BaByliss Root Boost brings you the top hairdressers best kept secret for creating volume- using micro crimp plates to add texture to the underneath layers giving all the volume of back combing without the frizz!"

To create volume you are advised to section your hair and crimp a small section (about 1 inch) of hair. To do this you hold the hair straight with one hand and with the other hold the root boost and hold it on the hair for 5-7 second as near to the root as you can. To achieve the best result, repeat this all around your hair and at multiple layers if desired.

To do this all around the hair with 2 tiers, this takes 10-15 minutes. If you wish to follow this with straightening, or straighten before, the whole process could take 30-40 minutes. Which, on an average day, takes up a lot of time. This has resulted in me only having used this 3/4 times in the past 7 months.

The volume that this tool gives will last for 2 days and what makes this better than back combing is your hair isn't left frizzy and it doesn't need 'topping up'

Overall, this is a great tool that will work but it does take time and commitment that not all of us have.

GHD Iv Styler. Midnight Collection

GHD’s are the straighteners of all straighteners.They heat up much quicker and at a higher temperature than most other straighteners, and can curl your hair as easily as you can straighten it.

If you are hesitant to splurge on a £100+ on a pair of straighteners then don’t! These will last you year upon years and will end up working cheaper than repurchasing a £30 set every year.

GHD’s take about 20 seconds to heat up and heat at 220 degrees with a little beep and an LED light to tell you.. They easily glide through the hair and in a short amount of time your hair is transformed. Instead of static and frizzy your hair is left smooth and sleek.

Another great thing about these straighteners is that if you leave them unattended and forget you have left them on, they will automatically switch off. GHD’s are definitely the way to go.

What hair tools do you swear by?


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  1. I totally swear by my GHD's!! I use them to straighten and curl my hair. I dont use them religiously though because I dont want to damage my hair. I occassionally use Nicky Clarke curling tongs but havent used them since last december!!! xx

  2. So many great stuff!!


  3. The Babyliss waving wand is absolutely amazing.. it is very similar to the curling wand but the wand itself is more oblong in shape, creating soft waves rather than defined curls. I use my ordinary Babyliss crimper to create 'root boost' and I'm sure it's much cheaper than the Root Boost itself! To do my whole head at the roots takes less than five minutes, but as my hair is quite thin and flat it doesn't last more than a day! Anyone have the thicker GHDs?


  4. Interesting to finally read a review on the root booster! Been really intrigued by the notion of a root crimper!

    Marie x



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