Primark Make up - Best and Worst -


You may just sidetrack the Primark beauty range as being 'cheap' and 'rubbish' but this affordable 'retro' packaged cosmetic range does have some gems amoungst it (though a Devil too)!

Primark Soufleye Mousse Eyeshadow

 This eyeshadow not only works well on its own, which it is intended, but also as a base. I must admit that this colour isn't the most wearable on its own but paired with a neutral coloured eyeshadow this mousse prolongs the lasting power of the eyeshadow and helps give a hint of colour to a neutral eyeshadow look.

Do I think it is essential? I don't think that I would miss this product if it finished as I have other products that do the job, but as a 50p alternative (usually £.150), it works great.

Trust Dust Loose Mineral Eyeshadow

This is definately the favourite pigment I have ever owned, mainly because of how it is packaged. The applicator (sponge?) that is supplied makes for a more convenient application and makes spills of pigment a rare happening. Of course when you remove the applicator from the container there is a 'cloud' of pigment that flies from the opening but no where near as much as from the 'average' pot.

This white works as a great highlight on your eyes and your face. It lasts for a minimum of four hours and definately helps make you look more awake.

I am not the biggest fan of pigments but if I were to buy a Pigment it would definately be from this range!

Blend and Stretch Eyeshadow

This is by far not the best Primark have to offer with their cosmetics. With the colour I own, a silver, it is pigmented to touch but the colour pay off onto a brush and onto my eyes isn't that great and has a lot of fallout without an eyelid primer. 

Large Kabuki Brush

And to finish on a downer (sorry!). You may have seen my review on Primark's Opia Brush range, which I love! But unfortunately I do not love some much the Primark essentials Big (and it is huge) Kabuki brush.

This brush is far too scratchy for me and the sheeding is terrible. You cannot use, or wash, this brush without getting hairs everywhere. Save your pennies for a better brush, definately.
Ta Ta For Now Concealer

Now this photo is actually a stock photo because I no longer own this product but when I did, it must be over 9 months now :( I loved it. Being the make-up lover like I am I didn't repurchase this specific product after I finished it but instead trialled other concealers.

The great thing about this concealer is that it is lightweight but has coverage. It is able to be used under the eyes and on blemishes. And for £2.50 you can't go wrong.

'Well Licked' Lip Gloss - Sundae

I must admit. I bought this because it lit up when you open it and there is a mirror on the side ... and let me tell you, I was v.dissapointed when the light broke the second time I used this.... primark quality for you anyways.

The lipgloss has a slight tint of colour but when applied looks quite sheer leaving you with the 'your lips but better' look with a hint of gloss. When applying this somewhat sandy texture to your lips you are left with incredibly glossy lips, unfortunately this does disappear and you are left with the moisturised 'hint of gloss' lip look that is very natural looking.

 The gloss is very sticky too which I am not keen on and has a scent to it, though strangely not a flavour, that may not be to everyones taste.

A good lip gloss but not one i'd repurchase.

The lowdown

Best -  Ta Taa For Now Concealer or Trust Dust Pigment

Worst- Kabuki Brush

Have you tried Primark make-up?


P.S Please check out my Opia Brushes review too for the best of Primarks brush range.

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  1. Oooh wow I really want to try make up from primark now aha! :) xox

  2. Great blog - I've always written off Primarni make-up but maybe I won't be so quick to judge now and give it a go myself. Thanks! xx


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