REVIEW: Boots Zingy Shower Gels


A few weeks ago I hauled these shower gels that I purchased for boots. These retail for £1 each but currently, if you have the Boots Magazine, you can pick 2 of these up for £1.50.

Zingy Shower Gel

The Scent -Berry
When applying this out of the shower or bath, the scent is quite strong and 'berry' like but I am yet to pinpoint what 'berries' this smells of. However, when using this I could hardly pick up any scent and if I wanted to smell the product a lot was to be used.

The Scent - Lime
The scent of the Lime Product is not one that I would recommend. To me this smells artificial and seems like I am washing in cleaning products. It is a highly overpowering scent, in comparrison the the Berry Gel and will definately wake you up!

Overall Scent Summary
To my advantage or not; both scents do not stay on your skin.

The lather -
Boots advise that for the best results to use this shower gel with a shower puff or sponge. I definately agree with this. When using it on its own a lot of work and product would need to be put in to see a small amount of lather however with a loafer there was bubbles all round and only a little amount of product was needed.

Affect on the skin -
This shower gel is pink and will apply pink to the skin. Do not panic. This does not stain the skin but will easily wash off, this is just something to be aware of.

The shower gel itself is very gentle on the skin and does not irritate ecsema or leave the skin tight.

The packaging -
The plastic in which the bottle is made is flexible and allows for every bit of product to be used. The clear packaging also allows for you to see how much product is still availible.

The shape of the bottle also means that the gel will drain from the top but with also stand up easily in a shower or bath.

The Price -£1
This shower gel retails for half the RRP of its most comparable product, Original Source Shower Gel . It is very affordable and the product itself will easily last for 2 -3 weeks

Boots Zingy Shower Gels are availible in Mint, Lemon, Berry and Lime Scents.


These are a great alternative to the Original Source shower gels if you don't want the scents to linger but want a shower gel to 'kick start your day'.

Have you tried these before?

LilleyMay xx

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