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I was reading Naomi's Blog when I came across a post she had written about products she owns but has never used. This lead me to thinking - what have I been hiding away?

Front Cover Sets
These are all over boots in the lead up to the festive season and boy was I happy to recieve these at christmas..... 8 months on and these have never been used. That is too shocking. My excuse? I have been trying to use up my other eyeshadows that seem, well, not being used up quick enough.

17 Maximum Volume
I recieved this as a gift (in a set ) and have never felt the need to open this yet. I have numerous other mascara's that, yet again, I am trying to use up, so have not yet had the chance to try this.

Barry M Lip Gloss & Chapstick

The Barry M Lip Glosses were part of a SHOUT Magazine collaboration a few years ago and they still havent been opened. For those who saw my Lip Gloss Organisation post you will have seen plenty of other lip glosses to get through, so opening new ones would be wasteful.

The CHAPSTICK is a 'back up' so will be used in due course.

Soap and Glory Body Butter

I love Soap and Glory and was really happy when I recieved this for christmas but again, I have accumulated so many Body Lotions, Butters etc that I haven't used this yet.

Snow Fairy Shower Gel

I have a valid excuse for this. I'm cherishing it.

What products have you never used that are in your collection?

LilleyMay xx

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  1. The mascara is fab Ive had that before! Love it xx

  2. Oh really? Oooh. Sounds exciting. I look forward to finishing my other mascaras now :D

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