Oily hair easily .... try and train it!


I've always suffered with oily hair. You can guarantee that if I wash my hair at night by the following night it looks like it needs washing again.

‘My hair story’

A couple of years ago I got into the habit of washing my hair every night to make sure it didn’t look greasy. I cannot even start to emphasise how bad this is for your hair. I can’t believe I thought that washing my hair daily because, quite frankly, your hair produces more natural oils after you’ve washed it because the shampoo strips most of it.

I then realised that what I was doing wasn’t making any difference and it was always oily (or greasy) and I got lazy. I stopped washing my hair every night and washed it every night, which I usually opt for nowadays. This gradually seemed to make a slight difference and dry shampoo really helped.

Training my hair.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been trying desperately to improve my hairs ‘oily-ness’ by training it. I originally saw this on one of Elle’s, Allthatglitters21, videos.

Basically, training your hair is going longer and longer without washes. So instead of washing my hair once every two days, wash it once every three (or four) days. After a certain amount of time your hair stops producing oils and looks fresh again.

Obviously by the third (even by the second) your hair will be oily and will look horrible. This is where Dry Shampoo, or alternatives, come in.

On the third day I spritzed my hair with Dry Shampoo and it was transformed to its first day beauty.

On the fourth day my hair hadn’t produced any more oils and only looked slightly less volumised than the 3rd day.

It is now the 5th day and my hair is still in an ‘acceptable’ state but I am going to wash it today as I feel this is pushing it too far.


If you want to train your hair, it is best to have at least a week or so where you are either on a school holiday or have time off work, where you won’t be in contact with too many people in which you may be embarrassed about having oily hair.

I have been doing this for the past 3 weeks and I have noticed that my hair will last longer between washes. I can now wash my hair every 3 days instead of 2 as my hair will not be full of Dry Shampoo build up on day 2 as it is not needed.

I hope this was helpful. This definitely does make a difference and, eventhough it may seem gross at first, is worth a try.

Have you trained your hair before?


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