My Make-up Roll


For those who saw my Product rave recently you may recognize this beauty, my £5 make-up roll from the infamous PRIMARK.

So today I am going to show you what I carry in here, mainly for my daily make-up, but also what I would take with my if I slept over at a friends or went away for a short weekend trip.

1st Pocket (Face)

NYC Smooth Skin Face Powder
MAC Studio Finish
 Bourjois Healthy Mix
 MAC Select Moisturecover
No7 Blush in Soft Damson

My face make-up stays quite consistent but my blusher is often switched with bronzer and vice versa.

Second Pocket (Eyes and Lips)

Rimmel Eyeshadow Mousse
Vie Glamouriser Stick
No7 Intense Volume
Technic Natural Lashes
Technic Eyeshadow Quartet

Unlike my face make-up, my eye make-up varys quite often and this pocket is constantly changing. You may recognize a couple of products here that I actually dislike, the reason for this is so I can get these products finished and they can be forgotten about.

Third Pocket - Brushes
ELF Studio Powder Brush
ELF Bronzing Brush
Opia Blending Brush
Superdrug Eyeshadow Brush
QVS Eyeshadow Brush
Opia Concealer Brush

Fourth Pocket

Soap & Glory Body Spray
Eyemake-up remover (Fee from Makeupsavvy inspired)
Harajuku Lovers Perfume

So thats my make-up roll for you. If you would like me to review a specific product in more detail please give me a shout.

LilleyMay xx

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  1. I went into Primark the other day but I didn't see this :( hopefully i'll see it soon :D it looks very handy! thanks for sharing lovely xox


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