Got 2nd (3rd) Day hair but no dry shampoo - Affordable Alternatives to Dry Shampoo


YES I am deadly serious.  These do work as well as Dry Shampoo.

We all have that day where our hair is looking oily but we have just thrown away the last of our Dry Shampoo and we haven't had the chance to repurchase your holy grail hair product. Thats where these come in.

All you need to do is dust a small amount of the powder, whether it be the baking or baby powder, and apply it lightly to the roots and rub in, then follow by brushing any excess product out.

Unfortunately you won't get the volume that Batiste or any other aerosal dry shampoo will give you, but you will get long lasting, oil absorbing results.

Give them a try.

LilleyMay xx

What are your alternatives?

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  1. Would never have thought to try those things out but there have been soo many times when I've needed some kind of dry shampoo but have run out! This is so helpful! x

  2. Haha, I've tried baby powder before but never baking powder! I suppose desperate times call for desperate measures... I'd rather baking powder then greasy hair! :)


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