May/June Empties feat Soap and Glory, Liz Earle, No7 and more


Hello! As I write this I am overjoyed by the fact that I am midway through my first full week of summer, having completed my GCSE exams and can now spend a whole summer dedicated to blogging and spending time with friends - bliss! Whilst I was revising I had become rather neglectful of my blog - especially when it comes to monthly series - meaning that I have managed to use up over 20 products to talk about in my empties post today. I was contemplating splitting this up but for those I asked on twitter, you didn't mind it being in one bumper post so here goes...

VO5 Revive Me  Daily Conditioner

In short, I didn't like this. It took a lot of effort to fully rinse out and if you didn't your hair was left feeling greasy and weighed down rather than soft and silky.

I WOULD NOT buy this again

Batiste Dry Shampoo (Cherry)

This is a product I am constantly repurchasing. It works great as a dry shampoo and for me doesn't leave my hair grey.

I WOULD buy this again

Neutrogena TGel - Review HERE

This, like the batiste, is a product I am constantly repurchasing ( do you want a post about those? ). It is one of few shampoos that doesn't irritate my scalp and leaves my hair soft and not weighed down with product.

I WOULD buy this again

Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub - Review HERE

I loved this product. It is excellent at smoothing dead skin cells but with its amazing scent and moisturisng ingredients, it doesn't dry out your skin but moisturises it in the process!

I WOULD buy this again

Soap and Glory Righteous Butter

I'm undecided with this product. It smells amazing and moisturises your skin nicely and rubs in easily but I am not one to be spending £10 on a lotion when I much prefer cheaper alternatives ( i.e Derma V10) however that being said it is a great product and I have a back up from christmas that I shall be using.

I WOULD MAYBE buy this again
Vivo Compact Powder

I picked this from Tesco ages ago when Vivo was having its rounds on the blogosphere ( I haven't heard it mentioned for ages!). I was very disappointed with this. Firstly the lightest shade, 1 - Soft Vanilla, was orange and obviously far too dark for me. Getting past that, the powder looked cakey unless pressed in really well with a sponge and when I apply powder I want it to be quick. It also faded in patches. Despite the £2.19 price I was not a fan. That being said, I love the mirror!

I WOULD NOT buy this again

BALMI Lip Balm - Review HERE

I have raved and raved about these lip balms and as you can see I have managed to use up 2 this month, the mint flavour and coconut flavour.  They are creamy, moisturising and taste great but I HATE the packaging. It peels off, they don't fasten ad they get grubby. That being said, 

I WOULD buy these again

Benefit High Beam - Review HERE

I received this sample in Glamour magazine a couple of years ago ( Is that offer happening this year does anyone know) as I had been dying to try it out but could not justify the price. I am so glad I didn't pay full price because I found this hard to work with at times. My favourite way to use this, in the end, was mixing it with my moisturiser however as a highlight straight after foundation ( before powder) it took my face makeup of and left a line on my face. I much prefer powder highlighters I have now decided.

I WOULD NOT buy this again

Rimmel Stay Matte - Review HERE

This powder is currently my favourite powder. I love that it is transparent and matches my skin but also doesn't look heavy or cakey but provides a natural matte finish

I WOULD ( and have) buy this again

Pure Revitalsing Facial Toner - Review HERE

At first I thought I hated this product but I actually think it was the cleanser I was using alongside this that made my skin burn!  When using this alone I was really pleased with the results for £0.99. My AMIE cleanser unfortunately doesn't remove all traces of make up but this did and ensured my skin was as clean as it could be without stinging my skin. 

I WOULD buy this again 

AMIE 2 in 1 Cleanser & Toner - Review HERE

I reviewed this way last year when I received this as a present however this is my second bottle and I thought I would give it another chance. Unfortunately my views haven't changed. I still don't feel this is good enough at removing even small traces of makeup and has a tendency to make my skin sting.

I WOULD NOT buy this again

Face B4 After Cleansing Serum - Review HERE

I loved this as a moisturising serum but I didn't find it did much to my spots. Unfortunately I can't currently justify the £15 price tag.

I WOULD NOT buy this again

No7 Radiance Revealed Exfoliator - Review HERE

I loved this. It was a cream consistency with small exfoliating beads which left your skin soft without irritating your skin.

I WOULD buy this again


I wasn't keen on this. It was a thick cream that you would hope would sink in and moisturise your skin however I didn't find that this moisturised my skin but was just greasy instead. 

I WOULD NOT buy this again ( but would recommend La Roche Posay Repair Balme)

Nip and Fab Eye Cream

I don't know if they sell this individually so I won't dwell on this. It moisturises your under-eyes and doesn't sting.

I WOULD buy this again

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer

I recieved this as a gift with purchase of the cleanse and polish and never seemed to reach for it. I don't think the spray was very good on this bottle so I couldn't use it well as a 'spritzer'. It was refreshing and worked well but I can't justify the price for a toner.

I WOULD buy this again

Nip and Fab Facial Scrub

Again, I don't think this is sold separately but if it was I wouldn't buy this because I found it too harsh and scratchy on my skin.

I WOULD NOT buy this again

Sally Hansen Hard as Wraps

I hated this. You could only apply this to bare nails where it supposedly hardened them. THe problem was this peeled/chipped off instantly and didn't do anything. I was grateful it dried up so I could throw it away.

I WOULD NOT buy this again

No7 Stay Perfect Top Coat

I'm unsure on this. It worked okay and was cheap with my No7 voucher but it wasn't amazing

I WOULD NOT buy this again

So those were my empties. Sorry for such a mammoth post! I shall try and write my next one before the products build up! 

What have you used up recently?

Beth x


Totals: (May/June)
Make-up -5
Body Care - 2
Skincare -5
Haircare -3
Other - 2
Samples -5

Make-up - 13
Body Care- 4
Skincare - 10
Haircare - 6
Other - 7
Samples -8

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  1. You must be so relieved that your GCSE's are over, I can't wait until I have done mine this time next year! xxx
    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  2. Congrats for having completed your GCSE exams! I'm eyeing on soap and glory products for long time! Unfortunately, I need to order it online. :( </3

  3. I haven't tried the balmis yet but the EOS are fantastic! want the coconut one now. x

    I Am A Weapon Of Massive Consumption


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