Worth the Hype? Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains



Today I bring to you a well overdue review of the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains. I bought this back at the start of January and have only recently been using it more and feel I can now write a review for you.

The stains have been well over hyped and spoken about so I waited until I had a Boots giftcard, and for the hype to die down, before purchasing this in the shade Crush. 

These retail for £7.99 usually however I purchased this at a bargain £5 when on offer. 

This lip stain comes in the form of a lip crayon which, I find, makes for a very easy application however I would still advise a mirror to avoid lip stain all over your face.This was much creamier than I would expect and less drying than I thought. I tend to apply a balm underneath this, apply the stain then reapply a balm later on and the colour is still visible and my lips don't feel dry and cracked. The colour crush is a berry/ red colour that can be applied sheer or layered to give a more intense colour.

I find the lasting power of these very impressive. After I have applied this and let it dry for a few minutes this will easily last for a couple of hours, fading gradually, even after eating and drinking - with no lipstick marks on the cups!

Overall I feel that these are definitely worth the hype and although I am not overly keen on the colour of this particular shade of the JBKBS I am very keen on the quality of the product itself and may venture into more shades of these.

Have you tried these? Also, what do you think of this type of swatch?


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  1. These look really nice, but for what they are, I do think that they are over hyped! xxx
    http://unstitchedd.blogspot.co.uk/ ♥


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