Worth the Hype? Naked 2 Palette Review


Hello! Back in January my very kind Auntie brought this little gem back with her from duty free and boy was I excited! Urban Decay palettes are always spoke about on the internet which meant that I was lusting over this for a long time.

If you read my twitter (@CosmticLover) or read my January summary post you may have read my first impressions of this palette. For those that haven't, in a nutshell I was not impressed. I found it difficult to work with the shades on my eyes, the colours didn't seem to have a good pay off and they would crease more-or-less instantly. Instead of leaving this palette to one side and let it gather dust, I decided to persevere with it and use it everyday in my make-up bag and thank goodness I did!

My opinion of this has completely changed and I think that  I prefer some (certain) shadows in this palette to that of my favourite eyeshadows. I do find that the quality of each shade is not consistent but with most of these shades they are creamy, pigmented, blend easily and don't crease if I use my bare study paint pot. What's more, some of these eyeshadows can last from being applied at 7.15 in the morning and still be on my eyes at 9.00 at night!

With other shades however I do find that they fade rather quickly and transfer whilst wearing them which is a shame as I wish all shades were equally as good! Fortunately there are many more 'good' shades than the bad ones which makes purchasing the palette worthwhile.

I highly recommend swatching this palette in store to see the shades that you prefer and to decide if this palette can work for you. The MUA might even be able to demo it on you! What is even better with this palette is is also comes with a lip gloss that isn't half bad.

Overall I am now very glad that my Auntie purchased this for me and that I got a chance to try it! Although I love the quality of these shadows though do remember that there are also great eyeshadows from the likes of No7 that are a fraction of the price for those on a budget or wanting to satisfy their cravings for neutral eyeshadows!

Have you tried the Naked 2 Palette?

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  1. I am glad that you are enjoying it more now but I got the Heaven and Earth one from MUA and am loving it so I think that I am going to stick to that! xxx

  2. It's nice to see such an honest review for a change! I'm sick of people over hyping products for me to buy them and be a big disappointment!
    Great review, I'd love to see a look with the shades that you have enjoyed using :)
    Eleanor x


  3. This is good to know. I have seen a lot of hype about this palette. But it's nice to hear an honest review.
    Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Fashion

  4. I love this palette BUT .... I do wish the MUA palette came out before so that I could have a few serious bucks! They are similar! Stop by won't you!


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