Current Favourite: Amie Very Gentle Eye Makeup Remover Review *


This Amie Very Gentle Eye Makeup Remover was part of a twitter prize that I was fortunate to win from the Amie Twitter page. When I first used this I wasn't expecting much from this however I have quickly become very fond of this and may push to say that this is my new favourite eye makeup remover.

Some of you may recall my review of the Boots Cucumber Eye Makeup remover gel. Where that was very kind on my eyes and seemed to remove all of my mascara, it was oily when using it ( leaving a residue) and I always woke up the next day with panda eyes - not a good look.

This, fortunately, is oil free and is a liquid compared to my previous favourite, a gel. With meadow cornflour, chamomile and cucumber, this is extremely gentle of my eyes -  there is not stinging, tugging or redness. What is even better is that it has cured my panda eyes! I can rely on this to remove my eye makeup and mascara with my faithful Mothercare cotton pad and leave my eyes looking 'normal' and not feeling greasy!

Overall I highly recommend this and would definitely look to repurchasing this in the future! Thanks to the Amie Twitter team for my prize as otherwise I would have never have thought that such a gentle product does such a great job!


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  1. Well done for winning, this looks really nice! xxx


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