Spring Cleaning: Organising your Wardrobe (FTA)


As we are due to enter British Summer Time this weekend I felt it only right to select a post from the archives which involves Spring Cleaning. I for one love organising and cleaning, especially in the spring, and felt that this was the perfect opportunity to share with you me cleaning/organising tips for an organised wardrobe. I hope you enjoy and please let me know if you will be sorting your wardrobe or if you have a spring cleaning blogpost!

Yesterday I set myself a challenge of something I'd been putting off for weeks - to sort out my wardrobe! My wardrobe, some may call it a closet, had got into an awful state of clothes being jumbled together on the rail, clothes hanging off the hangers, piles of clothes gathering dust at the bottom and me frantically opening then shutting the doors to get my clothes out before the pile at the bottom collapsed on me.

I thought it may be helpful or interesting for me to share what I did and my tips to organize my wardrobe as I love organisation. Please let me know if you do too and I may do more posts or perhaps a series of posts.

Sorting Out

To sort out my wardrobe I first emptied my wardrobe completely. To do this I used a clothes rail ( £8 from Ikea) and moved the clothes from the rail in my wardrobe onto the freestanding rail. In doing so I sorted them into categories. For the items at the floor of my wardrobe I did a similar thing - if there was clothes and they were clean I would hang them accordingly, if they were dirty I tossed them into the laundry basket. Everything else, bags, belts, shoes, etc. I sorted into piles.

Once my wardrobe was empty I wiped the wardrobe with a damp cloth and them began to put the items back in. In doing so I sorted the items I didn't want into toss or sell piles. I decided to put the items in the bottom of my wardrobe back first - such as my shoes, bags, scarves. On the Sunday morning I had took a trip to Ikea to buy the grey metal drawers, photographed, with it in mind that I was going to use this in my wardrobe.I decided to use these grey drawers for plastic and clutch bags, another drawer for shorts and leggings and the top drawer for casual vest tops that didn't need hanging. By doing this I saved much needed hanging space by taking up available room at the bottom of my wardrobe. 

Also in the bottom of my wardrobe I filled a white cardboard box, also from ikea, with my scarves, hats, gloves and slippers and two sets of drawers - a cardboard set from whsmith ( filled with random junk) and wooden drawers again from ikea ( the top drawer filled with frontcover makeup and the two smaller  drawers filled with belts and postage stuff). Additionally, in a clarins paper bag I placed, side by side, my flat shoes and sandals.

Last to go in the bottom of the wardrobe was an old soap and glory box , which  I have filled with hair tools, paper bags (slotted to the side of my drawers), two me to you bears and my black heels.

I then placed my clothes back onto the rail, sorting as I went as to get rid of any clothes I no longer want to keep. I sorted these by category and from light to dark.

Extra Tips for Organization and Clearing Out

Place Hangers Backwards - You may have noticed on the photos above that when I put my clothes back into my wardrobe the hangers are the opposite way to what you'd expect. When I have worn an item and want to put it back into my wardrobe I do so the 'normal' way. By doing this you are able to see the items that you are neglecting and if they stay like this for more than 6 months chances are you aren't going to wear it again.

Double Hang If you are short on hanging space hang two of a similar item on the same hanger to save space.

I hope you enjoyed my post. Please let me know if you would like to see another spring cleaning post, perhaps Makeup storage or my desk? Let me know!

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  1. Brilliant Idea, I really need to sort out my wardrobe! xxx


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