Top 5: My Favourite Soap and Glory Products


I am a huge fan of soap and glory and am always using at least one of their product, whether it be their hand creams or body scrubs. Today I thought that I would share my Top 5 products with you so that if you haven't tried Soap and Glory before, or just want to expand your collection, you can!

In no particular order ...

#1 Soap and Glory Clean On Me

This smells amazing, is creamy, lathers easily and is filled with lotion so leaves your skin soft and supple after using it. The bottle is also huge so I won't be running out any time soon.

#2 Hand Food

Again, this shares the wonderful 'typical soap and glory scent' that I won't attempt to describe. This works great as a hand cream and a little goes a long way to keep your hands moisturised and smooth.

#3 The Righteous Butter

I love Body Butters in general however this is particularly great as you only need the smallest amount ( as I have noticed you do with all products so far mentioned) to smooth on your legs, arms, knees, elbows and the will be left feeling lovely and smooth and smelling lovely

#4 Breakfast Scrub

This smells different to the 'typical' scent and smells very syrupy (maple) scent. Very sweet and delicious ! This is very effective as an exfoliator and doesn't scratch your skin and is also moisturising too

#5 Girligo Moisturising Mist

I don't think I have mentioned this on my blog before but I love it. I sometimes use this instead of my perfume as it is a very fine mist of body milk with the sopa and glory fragrance. Therefore this a perfect 2 in 1 product as it effectively moisturises and provides a long lasting scent as you'd expect from a perfume.

Those are my Top 5! What Soap and Glory Products do you love?

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  1. Thanks for this useful post, I have been wanting to try Soap & Glory products for a while now. The Breakfast Scrub has been on my radar :)

  2. I adore Soap & Glory, I have and love all of these, some of my favourites are the smoothie star body lotion, endless glove hand mask and glow job moisturiser!
    Great post, I love it when other bloggers write about Soap & Glory, it's my obsession! xo

  3. I did the exact same post last year (^______^) I prefer Mist You Madly and the Flake Away scrub though hehe :)

  4. i really like this post, i think hand food is my favourite soap&glory product! im your newest follower great blog! :)

    Kamila xx


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