NARS Zen Blusher Review (Not a Rave Review #8)


Back at Christmas  I very kindly received Nars Zen Blusher from my Auntie and up until recently I hadn't reached for it much as I had been using other things so lately I have been forcing myself to use this as otherwise it has just been gathering dust in my drawer.

Nars Zen is a beige-brown toned blusher that is much like a bronzer, quite similar to Laguna I imagine, and is a colour I usually opt for being naturally rosey and pale naturally.

Unfortunately I have not grown to love this blusher and find it very difficult to work with. When applying this, and I have tried it with the majority of my blusher/bronzer brushes, I have found that it either hardly shows up at all when I tap off the excess or I end up with a stripe on my face that is hard to blend. I find that when swatching the blusher on my hand the colour is very soft and easy to blend and that the colour isn't overly pigmented yet on my cheeks it is the complete opposite. Either way, I have been really struggling over the past 8 months to get my use out of this and would beg anyone to help me to use this correctly as otherwise it is a £20ish pound blusher down the drain which is really disappointing seeing as Nars are supposed to be infamous for their blush and bronzer shades.

If you know how to best apply Nars blushers I would love for you to comment below as I really love the look of the shade in the pan but cannot get it to transfer on my cheeks! I will be eternally grateful!

Beth xx

P.S Read about my favourite Hoola bronzer here

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  1. It's a shame you don't like it. I have a nars blush in deep throat and it works great for me, so maybe it's just the colour or you got a dodgy one, which is annoying either way :)xo

  2. Aw what a shame you didn't like it since it's so expensive! :( I really love a lot of NARS' blushes, but I haven't tried this one.


  3. I'd love to try a Nars brush!

    Great post!
    Zofia xo

  4. I have the Nars Blush in Madly which is like a lighter version of Zen. Definitely more of a natural blush colour rather than a bronzer colour. You should try it out, I absolutely love it!


  5. what i love to do with bronzers is mix them with blushes on my cheek to create a nice awesome glow for summer!:) maybe that'd work with this! i hope you find a use for it!
    -jules :)


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