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Happy Mothers Day to all my mummy readers! Today I thought I would write a review that may be useful for those who like to pamper themselves and chill a litte... today I am going to talk to you about my new favourite candles - the Yankee Candle Wax Tarts.

I've tried Yankee Candle Candles in the past ( the ones in the large jars ) and have been quite disappointed ( I was often left with excess wax and they didn't give off a scent ). These however are a different ball game.

As you can probably tell from the photograph above, I received this tart burner along with 10 wax tarts as a christmas gift (that I cheekily asked Santa for!). Having poor past experience with candles and scraping out wax I thought these would be a better alternative that would be less harsh on the pocket everytime I had finished burning them.

For those that do not understand wax burners, basically you light a tea light ( available from most supermarkets or IKEA) and place it inside the burner. Above you place the wax tart ( sold like above) and allow it to heat and melt, eventually burning away.

These yankee candle tarts take ages to burn and give off a very strong and pleasant scent. I have been reaching for these very frequently lately and find that these can quickly fill a room with their great scent.

Overall I highly recommend this tart burner and yankee candle scents as a great alternative to standard candles. I know that, at least with the scents that I have tried, they are excellent quality and all give off the same amount of scent, much more than your regular candles at much less of a price!

You can buy the tart burner HERE
You can buy a set of similar festive candle tarts HERE

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  1. These look really nice and a lot better than the big jars! xxx

  2. I lovee Yankee Candles! The tumblr ones burn completely even unlike the jar ones so it could be worth trying them. This does sound like a great cheaper alternative x

  3. I got some of these for Christmas but my mum got me a burner that doesn't fit them haha x

  4. i have heard so many good things about yankee candles, i'll have to try the wax tarts! xxx


  5. ive wanted a burner for so long think im going to have to order one i love the yankee scents xx


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