Not a Rave Review #5 Pure Facial Cleanser Review


Hello. Today I bring to you the 5th post in my Not a Rave Review Series reviewing a cleanser from Pure. Many of you may have seen this featured in my latest skincare post where I said purely positive things about this. Following that post my thoughts on this cleanser have sadly declined and I like it much less.

This cleanser retails for around the £1 mark and is therefore a very budget cleanser and I shouldn't expect too much however this claims to be delicate on the skin and nourish the skin however as it doesn't do either of these to my skin I am disappointed.

This cleanser has a very mild scent that isn't unpleasant and comes in the form of a runny white liquid. I apply this to a cotton wool pad and use it to remove my makeup. In doing so I found that this removed a large amount of my makeup but in following with a toner, which I deem essential with this (but not their own brand!) I found that the toner seemed to remove more makeup than the cleanser did. 

I also like to, rightly or wrongly, remove the majority of my eye makeup with this however this is a very difficult task with this unless you really want to scrub your eyes - which I do not recommend at all - as it hardly removes any.

When I first got the cleanser I didn't have any problems with skin irritation apart from this making my skin look rather flushed and rosy. More recently, however, I have found this stinging my skin and irritating it, making me regret using it in the first place. It can also leave my skin leaving tight.

Overall I am a a bit hit and miss with this product as it originally didn't irritate my skin ( and it still doesn't irritate my sisters 'normal' skin and she uses it on a daily basis) and does remove some makeup , perhaps making it okay for just a morning cleanser for those with 'normal' skin however this hasn't been agreeing with my sensitive skin lately and for that reason I shall not be repurchasing. 

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  1. Sad you didn't like this but thanks for warning us! xxx


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