Clean your brushes for under 50p - Tesco Value Baby Shampoo Review


Today I am going to talk about the much dreaded brush washing. Washing your brushes is extremely important not only to care for your brushes but to keep your skin clean and to get rid of all the dirt and grime hidden away in your brush.

When I wash my brushes I do so under the sink. I wet them with warm water then apply some baby shampoo to the palm of my hand and move the brush in circles to bring the shampoo to a lather.

My go-to brush shampoo as of late has been the Tesco Everyday Value Brush Shampoo. When I bought this I think it was 10p however the cheeky supermarket have now upped it to 46p however this is still far cheaper than the Johnsons brand that I previously used. Where I will say that the Johnsons had a nicer scent ( the scent of the Tesco is near non-existent) and nicer packaging, I feel that this does an equally good job (removing all the makeup from your brushes without damaging them) costs less and you get more! I can use this and with a couple of turns with each brush find that each is as good as new!

I highly recommend this product for washing your brushes especially when it retails for under 50p!


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  1. I'm looking for a real cheap brush cleaner so this could do the job xxxx

  2. Looks brilliant and it is an amazing price as well! xx

  3. I'm currently using the Johnsons baby shampoo - but when it runs out I think I may buy this! Xxx

  4. Baby shampoo is fantastic for brush washing, when I run out of my current one I'll get this!


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