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For what seems months of #bbloggers chats ago I asked whether you would like to see a post on blog organisation so here it is! Apologies for it being so much later than anticipated but I wanted to test my strategies before sharing them. Of course this is only how I try to organise my blog so please take my ideas as you will and if you think they would help you please feel free to use them and let me know if they help you!

#1 Write down your Ideas

For me I find this tip one of the most important. When an idea springs to mind I need to write it down. For me this tends to be in my notebook on my blackberry however I also write down ideas on my iPad, on a regular notebook or in my diary - whichever is close to hand. This way if I find that I have the time to write a blogpost I will have plenty of ideas.

#2 Write ideas in a blog plan

As you can see from the photograph above I decided to create a blog plan for my blogpost ideas. This consists of  column for the Blogpost Name, A description or ideas for the post, whether I have photos and content for my post and if., and when , I have scheduled the post. For me this helps me to see what material I have to work with and if I have the content and no photos or vice versa. 

At the bottom of my plan I have  a mini to-do list and whether I have started and completed the task, usually I use this to write the products I need to photograph in one place.

#3 Schedule Posts

From what I have gathered from past #bbloggers chats this is either a love or hate thing. Some people love being spontaneous with their posts however in reality, for me anyway, it is often the days that I want to upload a new post where I do not have the time. For me I try to, as I am doing on this St Patricks day morning, write at least the posts for the next week or so - I try to post at least every Wednesday and weekend.

 #4 Make a Blog Calender

I think this follows on well from my last point as this is a great way to see the posts I have scheduled and to see what days I have/ haven't posted. This exact calender is from Phoenix Trading however you can, too, print them off publisher or google images. I highly recommend you trying this method out as it is much more practical than visualising when you have scheduled the posts from blogger/wordpress.

I hope that you found those tips helpful. Of course do remember that every blogger is different and may or may not organise their blog and just post as and when they want which is absolutely fine but for me this method works great in fitting blogging in around my GCSEs!

If you have any tips please leave them below and also remember that you can follow my blog on bloglovin here.

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  1. Loved this post! Will definately use these tips, I currently just write my ideas down in a notebook but would be good to plan too! Thanks! x

  2. Loved this post, I am doing GCSE's as well so I find it quite difficult to keep on top of everything but I am going to start using some of these tips! xxx

  3. Thanks so much for these tips :-) xo


  4. These are such clever tips, I'm definitely going to write now my posts more, the monthly schedule is so clever!

    A little bit Unique - Blog // Facebook // Bloglovin


  5. Sometimes I feel like having so many ideas but can't decide where to start..
    Thank you for the tips!

  6. nice colorful pens and a lovely note book

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