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Can I take this opportunity to wish you Happy New Year and all the best for 2013!

I am a proud owner of an iPad and have done for just under a year and I love it. I use it for blogging, as I am now, reading blogs, watching youtube and of course playing a few games here and there. You may have noticed on iPads, and iPhones I believe, that there is a Newstand feature that means, if you spare your hard earned cash, you can get an e-version of your favourite magazines. Not one to like parting with cash for the sakes of a magazine on my iPad when it is cheaper instore, I was more than happy when I found out that PixiWoo have a magazine for your iPad that costs you nothing - no strings attached!

This magazine is great and is definitely more suited to me than the sakes of Company, Look and More, that, although they are great, do not satisfy my beauty product obsession. Two magazine is all about beauty - there are pages with favourite /lusted over products, interviews with make up artists and my favourite page - what make up artists carry. What makes it eve better is that it is put together by PixiWoo!

If you have an iPad/iPhone I highly recommend 'purchasing' (for free!) Two magazine of which you can do just by searching 'PixiWoo' into the app store.

Have you checked out Two magazine? Do you know of any free magazines for your iPad?

* This is not a sponsored post, just a rave about my new favourite magazine!*

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  1. Just downloaded onto my ipad after seeing this post - such a fab magazine :)

    Thanks for your blog post :)

  2. I'm going to download this. Thanks for sharing xx

  3. ♡

  4. i'm definitely going to get this!! Thanks :)

  5. I've downloaded this now thanks! Happy New Year :)


  6. I'm downloading now! Can't wait!


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