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Recently I made a decision to change my blog url, hopefully for the final time, from to . Little did I know the effect it was going to have. Unfortunately after changing my url I found that my daily page views dropped significantly which left me a bit deflated and miffed if I am honest. Thinking that I would get my traffic back I decided to create a blog in my old name to inform those that landed on that page instead of my new one that I had moved and also try to create page redirects, to re-navigate my reader. Unfortunately that didn't work either and I still found myself with much less views than I did with my old url despite having the same number of followers.

I then resorted to Twitter where I found the marvellous @LaurenTalksB and thank goodness I did! She told me that there was a way to redirect your readers directly from the old link to the new one without the reader having to do anything!Having struggled to find out this before Lauren told me I thought that many may find themselves in the same situation as me and want to find a way to redirect your blog traffic!


*Please note that this way only works if you are using blogger*

The first thing you need to do is go to your blogger dashboard and select the drop down bar of your old blog link selecting 'Template'

The next thing you need to do is select 'Edit HTML'  Here you will find some very complicated codes that you most likely won't understand ( at least I don't!) . Next you need to copy the code below but ensure no spaces between each one (blogger may change automatically what I have written so please email me if your link doesnt work!)

<.       m e t a
<.    / m e t a >

and then change where I have written '000' to your new blog link.

If you want your readers to stay for longer on your old blog link, simply change the number '1' to any number of seconds you want

All you have to do now is select 'save template' and you should be done!


I hope that was helpful for you and if it still doesn't work let me know! If you want to test this just leave your old link below and I shall see if it works!

Overall I feel that if you are thinking about changing your url perhaps consider keeping it!

Look out for a new beauty based post tomorrow!

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  1. Hi Beth, Thanks for the tutorial, but I couldn't see the html code that needs to be pasted above. x

  2. I've tried this but it doesn't seem to be redirecting at all :(

    Kelsey xx

  3. I updated my feed burner and it worked for me that way :)

  4. Do u lose ur followers though? X



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