Review: Pure BB Cream Blemish Balm, Light (Not a Rave Review #9)



With the short bursts of hot weather that keep disappearing as quickly as they appear, I recently switched my Mac Face and Body for something even lighter, a BB cream. Reaching into my Muji drawers I pulled out my Pure BB Cream, hoping for a long lasting yet lightweight alternative to my trusty favourite.

Despite being in the shade 'light', this is far from light ( I'm thinking shade 52/53 from Bourjois or NW/NC 25) and in the winter would definitely be far too dark however I took a risk and reached for it anyway in hope that I could blend it down my neck and it wouldn't be too obvious.

I tend to apply this to my hand then 'spread' onto my face using a flat foundation brush then blend either using my fingers, RT stippling brush or my Expert Face Brush from RT. If I use the correct amount, blending this in doesn't take long at all and I am left with a natural yet dewy complexion that looks very fresh faced and in my case very tanned as this is darker than natural complexion ( a big makeup no-no I know!) yet nevertheless very lightweight on the skin and I am left feeling as if I have nothing on my skin despite the light-medium coverage that this provides. Set this with a powder and setting spray and this is set to last for a good 6+ hours which is great for a £1.99 BB cream.

Unfortunately, upon using this continually for 3 or 4 days, I have found myself with spots in places that I wouldn't usually get them (even at THAT time of the month) and therefore I think this has broken me out and for that reason, and the face that this is far too dark for me unless set with a very pale face powder, I shall not be repurchasing this.

Overall I think that if you have olive skin that doesn't break out easily this may be worth a try as for £1.99 this is a very affordable BB cream however otherwise I would recommend Garnier for their BB creams or a light hand when applying Mac Face and Body if you only want a light coverage.

Have you tried this BB cream?

Beth xx

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  1. That's so anoying I'm a super pale girl and I've never tried a BB as they are all too dark or too yellow for my skin! Shame about the spots too that doesn't sound good :(

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

  2. Emm, it's affordable indeed, but overall it doesn't sound like my cup of tea..
    I've tried two Korean BB cream and they are lovely! especially recommend the silver one by Heynature. it's very light with medium coverage :)

  3. I have this bb cream in the shade ultra light and despite it being a better shade match than this one appears to be it also broke me out!!

  4. Ooo I really want to try out a bb cream (:

  5. Ok thanks so much for the review.. I think I'll hold off buying this one.



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