Best & Worst MAC Products: My Top 5 Mac Make-up Products


Mac is one of my favourite, if not my favourite, make-up brands so I love trying new things from the brand and in doing so I have come to find my favourites and it is these that I have managed to condense down into my Top 5 that I am sharing with you today.

Mac Face and Body

MAC Face and is body is currently my all time favourite foundation. It provides light but build-able coverage with a natural/ dewy finish that even when you are wearing layers of the stuff still doesn't look like you are caked in makeup. It also wears on the skin perfectly rather than in patches as many tend to. In addition, it comes in  a wide range of shades and can be used on the legs too!

Mac Bare Study Paint Pot

I have my MAC paint pot in the shade Bare Study which is a pretty light pink/gold shade which I use alone or, for the most part, as a base under my eyeshadows which helps them last throughout the day without creasing.

Mac Soft and Gentle MSF

Another love of mine from MAC is their MSF (Mineralize Skin Finish) in Soft and Gentle. The finely milled powder has shimmer in it but isnt ott but instead gives a beautiful bronze/ highlight to your cheek bones with the smallest amount or can be built up to give a more intense shine. I also love using it as an eyeshadow too as I find it doesnt crease but is more longlasting than the infamous MAC eyeshadows that unfortunately havent reached my top 5.

Mac Studio Finish Concealer

I have tried three concealers from Mac and despite it being difficult to choose between them, I think I would have to call Studio Finish my favourite. ( I also love the moisturecover and prolongwear variety.) For me, this provides the perfect coverage for blemishes and also is great under the eyes although, as it can be drying, I tend to prefer it on the rest of my face as it is creamy and blends easily,lasting well too

Mac MSF Natural

For those observant readers, you may have noticed only 4 Mac products photographed. This is because the fifth product in my top 5 is a product that I havent yet repurchased due to trying and loving the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. That being said, when I owned the MSF Natural I loved the light coverage, the natural finish and its oil control properties. If it wasnt for Rimmel, this would still be in my makeup bag. 

So those were my top 5! I could easily carry on talking about Mac and their fab products as I love them so much but for know, those are my favourites!

Beth xxx
* I actually posted this on a couple of weeks ago so if you haven't seen my original post there I urge you to as Liv has a great blog!*

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  1. Great post! I've been looking for one like this to decide my next purchase! I love love love Soft & Gentle but didn't think to use it as an eyeshadow too- I'll definitely try that! Have you tried Studio Sculpt foundation? If you have, how does it compare to Face and Body?


  2. I haven't tried any of the MAC foundations, but I really like their paint pots! Great and helpful post :)xo

  3. I love MAC face & body foundation, I've only used a sample and it was amazing I need to buy the full size!

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

  4. I'd love to try a paint pot but the Maybelline ones are so good!

    great post,
    Zofia xo

  5. Wonderful post!! I really want to try the Face and Body foundation. I will as soon as I finish a few of my current foundations :)


  6. I am completely in love with MAC MSF in 'Soft & Gentle'! It's great for people with pale or dark skin too which is great! :)
    Amy |

  7. i've been really wanting to try mac! especially their msf :)

  8. I'm also obsessed with MAC's Bare Study paint pot! It's such a great everyday lid color, and it never creases or fades. Great post! :)


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