Back to School College Clothing Wishlist and Outfit Ideas


There is nothing better when feeling tired and run down on a Monday afternoon than to browse the internet and add things to your mental wishlist, especially when you can use excuses such as going on holiday or needing new clothes for college to approve of your online spending, so that is exactly what I did yesterday.

What came in perfect timing of doing so was an email from Stylight. is not only a website full of style inspiration, with tailor made looks from fellow bloggers but also hosts what I call a lethal collection of products, accessories, clothing,shoes, all from different brands and at different price points where you can create your own looks (think Polyvore but to me 10x better as the products are priced in £!) and 'like' products by clicking the hearts next to the clothes you like and that you can go back to at a later date. What I love even more about this website is that a large majority of the items on sale are at a reduced price, for example the likes of Wildfox and Marc Jacobs for much less.

Having fallen in love with this website and spending the large majority of my afternoon yesterday lying on my bed clicking far too many love hearts for my bank balance to be happy with, I thought I would share the products I've picked and the looks I have made with you so you too can satisfy any shopping urges by making wishlists and 'looks' online.
The products above are the products I have 'liked' and that I have used some of to construct a wishlist of which you can see here. My favourite pieces from the wishlist would have to be the Michael Kors Bag ( I shall keep dreaming!), the Paprika dress ( of which I am very tempted to buy for Sixth Form) and the Wildfox T Shirt that is on sale!
Out of the items I 'liked' I thought I would construct some College looks of which I could either use the items from my wishlist, (if I caved and bought some of them from Stylight!) or that I could try and recreate elsewhere - you could do too!
My College 1 look I kept very casual with a pencil skirt, striped oversized jumper, high top converse and the stunning Michael Kors bag.
For my College 2 Look I decided to style an outfit that I could wear to a college party. For this I chose an oversized white tee, leather look trousers and Jeffrey Campbell litas. 
For look 3 I used the Litas again, this time paired with my favourite dress on my wishlist.
For my final look, I decided to pair the Wildfox T-shirt to make the leather trousers appear more casual and also pair with the oh-so-versatile MK bag.
So that was my current clothing wishlist and also some outfit ideas if I were ever to bite the bullet and buy a few - you will have to wait and see at pay-day! I hope you enjoyed this style of post and let me know if you want to see anymore and from which shops you would like to see them for.
You can follow me (BethMayBlogs) on Stylight HERE
Have you tried Stylight?
Beth xx
* I just want to apologise for the photo quality in this post. I have tried uploading and reuploading my photos and no matter what I do I am only able to manually resize the first two photographs myself and the rest have to be resized by HTML (they are set to resize automatically) and unfortunately do not stay at their optimuand quality and are out of focus in doing so. I will keep trying to resize the photos for you so that they are clear however in the mean time if you want to see the photographs of the looks and my wishlist, and also see the prices, the best thing to do is put BethMayBlogs into the search bar of *

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  1. This sounds so cool :) Will have to check it out! xx

  2. wow this sounds really great! college started for me yesterday and i guess i can play around with stylight to plan a couple of outfits :)

    from isabela at | bloglovin

  3. This sounds like such a good website, I really need to check it out! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  4. Sounds like a wonderful website to spend time on. I certainly need inspiration right now.
    Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog - Girlie Blog Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews


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