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At the start of July I took a trip to the #fabbbloggersmanc meetup where I was very fortunate to recieve a goody bag with more than enough goodies inside. I have since been deliberating on whether to do this post or not but as I personally love nosying in other peoples goody bags, I thought that I would share with you a quick overview of what was inside mine.

In order to review all/most of the products inside I can either dedicate one post to each product or do collective mini reviews of 5/so products in order not to spam your feeds too much - Which would you guys prefer? (Please comment below with your thoughts!

I was very fortunate to win a twitter giveaway there where I won this Ice Diamond Digital Curling Wand which I can't wait to use.

Derma V10 were also very kind and gave us 5 products each and the lovely gentleman ( sorry I can't remember your name!) was giving away extra products at the end as well!

Once I have reviewed the products shown, I shall link them back here so that the reviews are easily accessible!

Special Thanks to:

Big Ruby Tattoos
Derma V10Tech
 Eldora Lashes
Halo Wipes
Hawaiian Trop
Ice Diamond Hair
Impress Nails
Jelly Bell
Jelly Button Jewelery
Kiss Lashes
La Moda
Lavish Alice
Lip Smacker
Look Fantastic
Neal and Wolf
Pearl Drops
Phil Smith
Pop Chips
Rock N Rose
Skin Art UK
Skin Health Spa
South Beach Swimwear
Sparkly Nails
Tinned Bananas
Urban Beauty United
Veil Cver ream
Vita Liberata

Also amongst the goody bag was a £30 ESpa Gift Card ( What should I spend it on!?), an OPI manicure , some amazing tasting PopChips crisps and eyelashes from Eldora and Kiss! Somebody needs to teach me how to use those!

I am ever so grateful to Tor and Ray for organising the goody bags and to the brands for contributing so thank you! Do let me know which reviews you want to see first!

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  1. So much stuff! I bet the meeting was fun

    Isabela x

  2. Looks amazing, I would love to see a review of your top 5 products from the bag! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  3. What an awesome goodie bag! I hope you had lots of fun at the event. I would personally love to see in-depth reviews on each of the items! xx


  4. What a lovely goody bag! I recently went to an event at john lewis and got loads of goodies too :) xxx

  5. That's such an awesome goody bag! I think it would be nice to have 5 products at a time in one post.


  6. You sure have a lot of things in your bag. :) For some, they treat their bags as a treasure chest where all of their jewelries are kept. They are making a purchase of a handbag insurance a valid move. LOL! Thanks for sharing this article. =)


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