Event: #fabbbloggersmanc meet up 6th July 2013


Last Saturday, the 6th July, I did something completely out of my comfort zone and something that I had never done before, which was to attend the #fabbbloggersmanc meet up. I had always seen posts about meet-ups and found that most seemed to by down south so when I found out that Ray and Tor were organising one in Manchester, not too far from where I live, I jumped at the chance and sharply bought tickets for My friend Molly and I. 

I was looking forward to the day for ages and was ever so grateful when a few of the other bloggers attending the meet up said that we could walk to the venue together as we had no idea where it was. Fortunately we found it quite straightforwardly and he events antics could be on their way.

One of the most exciting things at the event, for me anyway, was the pop booth which gave bloggers an opportunity to have their photos taken with crazy props, hence the big glasses and moustache ( I liked Jessica's face in the background too!)

The venue, 2022NQ, also showcased some brands such as Tinned Bananas, Derma V10 Tech, Lavish Alice, South Beach Swim, Bags from La Moda and some amazing false lashes from Coldora - with stands showing current and upcoming products and also offering goody bags. There were also various opportunities to sample the most AMAZING cupcakes.

When I thought that even this was enough, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I had won a curling wand from Ice Diamond and was then further spoilt with another goody bag! I am even tempted to dedicate a whole post to these for those who are interested as there is a great mix of products and I cant wait to review all the products for you! 

Overall I had an amazing day and met so many new people! Everybody was super friendly and welcoming and I really felt at home.

Thank you ever so much Ray and Tor for your hard work and for the goody bags we were provided with, it is clear how much hard work and dedication was put in! 

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  1. it was such a good day! how hot was the guy at the tinned bananas stand thingy? haha! i saw you there but was a little too shy to come and speak to you! xx


  2. This looks like so much fun! Lovely photos :)


  3. Ohh god, I knew I was going to pop up somewhere! hahaha, such a photo lurker ;)
    Lovely to meet you :D, hopefully meet up again soon


  4. It was lovely meeting your on Saturday! I'm glad you had a old time!
    Lovely blog, I'm following now!

    F xx


  5. It looks and sounds like you had an amazing time :) soo many goodies! The cupcakes sound so good! Well done for being brave and going along, I've never been to a blogger's meetup! xx


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