27.04.14 - My Blogs 3 Year Blogiversary


Hello everybody! Today marks a very exciting day for me. Today marks the 3 year anniversary that little 14 year old me sat with my laptop and started to write a beauty blog. Back in the day BethMayBlogs was LilleyMay.blogspot.com so I am intrigued to see if any of my readers still remember the good old days?

Reminissing aside, I just want to use today as a way to thank you all. If it wasn't for all of my readers, your comments and talking to you guys on twitter I don't know if I would still be writing today. Every day I love blogging even more and hope to carry this on for as long as I can as I love venting my thoughts on the beauty products I try.

I remember starting off with 0 views and 0 followers and obviously that is not why I blog, nor what a blog should be about however without you guys I wouldn't be close to 500 bloglovin followers, which a few years ago seemed an infinity away and a number difficult to envisage in 'real life'.

To conclude my wordy ramble I just want to thank you all from the heart for your support over the past 3 years and I hope 3 years into the future that I shall still be writing on here and who knows maybe a youtube channel could be on the cards!

Let me know of your favourite post from the past 3 years and if any of you can remember reading my blog under their old names let me know, bonus points if you can!

Beth x

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