Make up collection / Storage : Whats in my Dressing Table?


I am always having a nosy at other people's make-up collections, whether it be on blogs or YouTube, to get inspiration for my collection.
Because of this, I thought that many readers may too want a nosy at my make-up storage. I store (most of) my make-up in my dressing table drawer which is convenient as most of my make-up is in one place and easily accessible. 

My make-up collection isn't very large but is definitely not a small collection.

I was thinking of going into more detail of each section of the drawer ( if you're interested) to give you a better idea.

What do you think??

Please link me to your make-up collections if you've blogged about it x

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  1. Your dressing table is lovely :) Nice collection :D

    Beautiful Dreams

  2. your dressing table is lovely :) alot tidier than mine tho lol xx

    1. I try to keep it tidy but occasionally it goes a bit messy!x

  3. Your collection is lovely! Some really nice looking things & the table is just devine!


  4. I love your dressing table - you are also super organised - it would take me about 4 hours to tidy up my draws before I could take any photo's of mine! hehe! Would be great for a run through! :) Jen xx

    1. I try to stay organised but it doesn't always stay like this! x I will be sure to do an overview soon :D

  5. I tagged you in my 11 questions post, I hope you do it :)


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