My Essentials for a Cold # 2


As I write this I am sat sniffling, feeling sorry for myself. -touch wood- I am not one to get ill very often but typical Beth catches her cold in her 2 week easter break. To make the best out of having a bad throat, sinuses and runny nose I thought that I would share with you the products that I have been reaching for in order to relieve the symptoms and also a couple of tips if you,too, are suffering from the common cold.

Kleenex Balsam Fresh - I swear by Kleenex Balsam to prevent the dreaded rudolf-red nose and with the Fresh element, these help to unblock your nose and help you to breath normally again

Boots Cold& Flu Relief/Paracetamol - Im not a big believer in taking tablets in order to shift a cold however these work great to shift a cold in a matter of days.

Vaseline - I swear by vaseline when I have an unhappy nose. I use this as a barrier around my nose an also use on my lips when they get sore and dry when I am feeling run-down.

Balmi - If I need even more moisture on my lips I reach for my Balmi!

Sudocrem - Where Vaseline can no longer help my clown like symptoms, I like to use this at night to help relieve my red nose and get my skin back to normal.

Aveeno Cream - I swear by this on a day-to-day basis however when i'm ill I love to use this all over my face and also on my hands to give them their life back.

Vicks Vaporub - I smother my chest and neck in this and this really helps me to breate normally again.

Strepsyls - I always have these in my bag as a precaution as these help relieve the pain of a bad throat.


HOT RIBENA + HONEY - Recenntly I have been loving boiling the kettle and adding a tablespoon of honey into hot ribena. This has definitely helped to soothe my bad throat.

STEAM - When my sinuses were congested my best friend recommended hot steam so as not to ignore great advice, I filled a bowl with boiled water, allowed it to cool slightly then sat with a towel over the bowl which really helped to clear my nose.

WATER - As always, drinking plenty of water is important to flush out the toxins and keep you hydrated

What are your essentials for a cold?

Beth xx

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  1. When I get a cold, I get a full on flu like cold. So so horrible! Get well soon lovely.

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  2. Hi Beth, this is a tip to relieve congested nose and cough in children but I have tried it on myself before (in a fit of desperation) and it worked! Just slather on Vaporub on the underside of your feet, wait for a minute and put on a pair of socks. You will feel much better. Hope it works for you too.


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