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Clinique Spot Gel

With this spot gel you only need less than a pea sized amount on the the end of a cotton bud in order to feel it doing something. Unfortunately the side effect of this is that it does sting quite severely on first applying it which when applied all over the face can be rather painful and can leave your face feeling tight, almost like a clay face mask.

Pain aside, the gel dries quickly and and the stinging soon goes. With this the  results are not instant but happen over the course of 4 to 7 days before you see a visible difference in the redness and size of the spot which for the price is rather disappointing.

For the best results I'd advise using this at night before bed, and just directly on the spot, as opposed to under makeup as this will leave your face feeling tight and can be crusty, leaving flakiness on your face. This will also cause the skin surrounding the spot to go dry and flaky if not applied precisely.

 On the whole I have been on the fence with this. Pain aside, this can be an effective spot treatment that, if you allow time, leaves a visible improvement in the skin. I shall continue to reach for should a spot appear however  I don't yet know if I'd shed out the cost of this when it eventually runs out.

£20 - Boots

Beth xx

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