MAC Bare Study Paint Pot Review and Swatches


Despite almost owning this for 18 months, I had never written a whole review dedicated to the beauty that is the MAC Bare Study Paint Pot so here it is.

Bare Study is a gorgeous light pink champagne colour that has a glossy sheen but no harsh glitter particles. These, as I am aware, are primarily targeted as eye shadow bases which prolong the wear of your eyeshadows and make them vibrant. This works for all of my eyeshadows except for my MAC ones ( can you believe that?) which still end up creasing despite the £11 price tag.

I also love, as I have been doing everyday lately, is applying a sheer ( or buildable) wash of colour of my eyelids  with this then applying mascara and that's my eyeshadow base done!This will last all day, for me at least 10 hours, without creasing and is a very natural and simple alternative to eyeshadows. (This is shown in the photograph above minus the mascara!)

Another use I have found is for a highlight. This can be used on your brow bone, inner corner or even patted to the top of your cheeks for an iridescent 'glow' .

Overall, If I hadn't made it clear, this is a fabulous product and one of my personal favourites from MAC. At £14.50 these aren't cheap but having owned it for almost a year and a half, using it most days, and still having loads left, this is definitely worth the investment - being much preferred to the regular MAC eyeshadows.

Have you tried MAC paint pots? Also, do you like this style or swatch/review?


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  1. Looks really nice, especially for a base! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  2. I haven't tried any mac products but am definitely tempted to buy this or painterly! x

  3. Hey sweet. I haven't ever tried the paint pots but I've heard fab things about them! It's good you've found alternate uses for the one pot. I always love it when I've used a product for such a long time and I've barely made a dent in it - signs of a good pigmented product! Totally worth the investment by the sounds of it and it also looks gorgeous.

    Lots of love

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