My Current Skincare Routine : Boots Essentials, ProActiv and OXY


Recently I went back to basics, sick of breakouts, and decided to try out the Boots Essentials range as a no-fuss regime.  I have been following this routine for the past 2/3 weeks and I am enjoying the outcome so far.

For removing my eye makeup I have been using this eye make-up remover gel and this with a cotton pad will easily remove my eyemakeup and mascara -  Review Here

Following the eye makeup remover I will use this cleansing lotion. I must say, I don't always feel that it takes every bit of my makeup off and that it's the most gentle on my skin however I do see this removing most of my makeup and leaving my skin refreshed afterwards. 

If you have read my ProActiv Review you may have seen me mention that I use this every few days to exfoliate my skin. This, I feel, is much more beneficial to my skin than using it every day and leaves my skin really refreshed and smooth afterwards.

These zit blitz pads are actually designed for men, however I feel that these could be the reason that my skin is clearing up. Although one of these won't make your spot disappear, I have been using these all over my face, particularly spotty areas, to remove any remaining traces of makeup and leaving the residue on my skin.

As my skin can get dry, I incorporate a moisturiser into my routine. This Boots moisturiser does the job however I wouldn't repurchase it.

Thats my routine. Let me know of any reviews you wish to see.

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