Monday Monthly Summary: Prom, Voucher Codes, #fabbbloggersmanc and more


This past month has been a hectic month but a great month nevertheless and I thought I would give you all a quick overview as to what I have been up to.

One of the most exciting things to happen in June was that I finally finished my GCSEs! I had started revision way back in March and it was such a relief to finally finish and no longer have to revise until March next year ( although I have promised myself to revise as I go along next year!) The same day I went to an 18th Party and had a great time chatting to some lovely girls whom mI've never met before and spending time with some old friends.

Following this, a few days later, I had my Year 11 Prom. Now I have dedicated a post to this with photographs of my prom and prom dress which you can see HERE but I felt that it was a great way to celebrate my exams finishing and having a couple of drinks.

I also received an email in June whilst announced the date of the #fabbbloggersmanc event,near to me, in Manchester.  I have always wanted to go to a blogger meet up but find very few in the Cheshire/Manchester area so jumped at the chance to go! I shall be going with my lovely friend Molly and can't wait to meet other bloggers - please do let me know below if you are going and let me know what you're wearing because i'm stuck!

The following week of my Prom I made a cheeky trip to Manchester with a few of my friends and I managed to grab a £48 dress from Topshop for £22.50 and also made a couple of beauty purchases ( small haul soon!). The same week I spent the day with one of my closest friends whom I have known since reception where we shared a great time and I discovered my like for the tv programme 'Millionaire Matchmaker' ( I hope thats what it is called!).

June also meant the arrival of 5 new baby lambs!

In addition, I also got an email from RedLeagueMedia telling me about an exciting widget that I could add to my blog ( can now be found in my sidebar). Basically, the widget highlights many of the best health and beauty based offers from www   ( a great website if you want added discount to your online shopping) which means you can make great savings on your shopping where in return I get a small amount of commission, which I will spend on beauty products to review. If you fancy this widget yourself, you can visit and if you want to, add me as your referee ( where I will recieve a small referall fee, this of course is free and completely voluntary and of course there is no requirement for you to visit the website or use the widget, I just thought that it fitted with my budget-friendly blog.

The most recent thing to happen in June was that I got offered a job interview at Waitrose. For those who don't know me personally, I actually applied for Boots a few months ago but unfortunately got turned down by their online application process :(. Not wanting to let that get me down, I continued the job hunt and thought that I would try my hands at applying for Waitrose, an excellent company to work for!. Shocked that 2 of my friends were turned down, I wasn't expecting to get offered an interview but was overjoyed when I had an email that offered me a group interview. Long story short, they offered me a job! I could ramble loads and loads about the process so if you do want me to write a post about applying for my first job and my group interview then please let me know, as I know I found it difficult to find information online.

Also, I don't know if I have mentioned it, but at the end of this month I am actually going to be a bridesmaid for my cousin! This month saw us having our final dress fittings and going on my cousins hen party, which was held at Chester Race Course, where the weather was fantastic but unfortunately we won nothing :(. The same night was my Aunties 40th Birthday Party. This day was a long 13 hours on and off in my wedges and plenty of dancing and chatting. I had a great night and it was lovely catching up with my close family!

Overall June has been a great month and I hope July will be just as great with my holiday, cousins wedding and the #fabbbloggersmanc event!

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  1. Hi...nice blog...would you like to follow each other on both gfc and bloglovin..?
    let me know...

  2. Hope you have fun at the blog event, it sounds really fun! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 


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