Skinetica AntiBlemish Skincare Review*


Hello! I was recently contacted by Skinetica* asking if I wanted to review their anti blemish product and being the hormonal spotty teenager that I am I said yes!

**Skinetica claims  that this soothes,calms and clears, clearing acne,spots,pimples and blemishes and that it is fact acting,skin clearing, kind to skin with no side effects. **

To my surprise this is a water-like liquid ( where I expected a gel) which has a slight scent that I can only describe as a spot treatment scent.  Its not overpowering or unpleasant so is bearable to use. The Skinetica 'liquid' is completely clear and is to be applied to the skin with a cotton pad to dry skin ( after removing makeup at night and before moisturiser in the morning). 

When using this I apply a 5 pence piece amount onto my trusty cotton pads and use it as I would a toner ( I think that this is marketed as such) concentrating it on my 'spottier' areas. When I check the cotton pad after using this I can see remains of makeup which my cleanser hasn't removed which is great as it means my skin is even cleaner from dirt and grime and that this works well as a toning product.

As it claims, this is kind to my skin and doesn't irritate or make it angry and red but is soothing to my spots.

As for spot fighting ability; I can't say that my spots vanished within days of using this, however in just over a couple of weeks I have noticed that my (existing) spots are less angry and red and are becoming much smaller  and less noticeable and any new spots aren't as big either. 

Overall, I wouldn't say that this has makes dramatic improvements instantly to your skin as a spot treatment but I love this as a toner following my cleansing as it picks up dirt and grime better than other toners I have tried. I will keep using this twice daily as I have been doing and hopefully the condition of my skin will continue to improve as spot size has already. It may not be a quick fix however it has been evident that this has helped my skin over the period of time I have been using this for.

Have you tried Skinetica? If you haven't you can request a 3 days sample for £1 p+p here

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  1. It sounds like a good product ! May try out the sample :)

    Beautiful Dreams

  2. This looks so great, I am going to get the sample and try it! xxx

  3. I also tried this :) - I quite liked it, but agree it would probably take a bit of time to see results!

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