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As many of you may know I am blessed with very fair skin - paler than MAC NW15 for reference - and can often find it difficult, as I'm sure many do, to find products pale enough to suit my skintone. Today I thought that I would share a few products that my sister ( who is paler than myself) and I have found work best with our skin.

#1 Garnier Oil Free BB Cream

Now I will say that this isn't the palest product featured and can seem quite dark/orange when swatched however I do find that if I use a small amount I can buff this into my skin and it is not in your face. Providing coverage with a small hint of colour but without leaving horrible tide lines. I also find when using my powder any orange-ness is reduced.

#2 Rimmel Stay Matte Powder - Review Here

The great thing about this powder is that is is translucent and even if it wasn't it doesn't look ashy on pale skin as it matches the colour of mine! This works well as it doesn't look obvious on the skin but can tone down a foundation that may look too dark

#3 Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation

They have recently repromoted this product with a paler shade - 010 Light Porcelain. This is a product that my sister uses and she loves ( I am yet to give my judgement) and I have also seen many positive reviews on the blog-o-sphere ( see here ). On my sister this doesn't look cakey, lasts all day and matches her skin perfectly

#4 MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

As concealer shades are made slightly lighter than foundation shades ( or so I believe) this colour matches my face perfectly and is a great concealer! MAC are definitely worth checking out if you are struggling to find a colour match!

Those are the products that I find work great for my pale skin. Are you pale skinned? What do you use?


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  1. I'm very pale aswell. I am always searching for the palest foundation and I haven't found the perfect one yet. I think I have to hunt down the Rimmel foundation :)

  2. I love the rimmel foundation it's one of the only drugstore foundations that matches me almost perfectly xx

  3. I'm pale as well and I'm using the rimmel match perfection atm and its pale enough for my skin, just need to make sure I buff it in well and blend it down my neck a bit :) Would love to find another pale foundation though as it can sometimes cling to dry patches on my face x

  4. I use the Loreal True Match but I have thought about changing to the Rimmel one, but I was never sure if it were any good. xx

  5. I find this too so thanks for the tips! xxx

  6. I have seriously pale skin too! Just to let you know, Mac have just bought out an NW10 in their studio sculpt foundation (I think it's in that one) and mixing their strobe liquid with an NW15 sometimes works out too!
    Eleanor x

  7. Thanks for this.. it is so hard to find a good match when you are pale. I quite like the BB cream for everyday. It seems to blend in well. I might give the Rimmel foundation a try for when I want something with more coverage!

    x Eve

  8. I've heard that Garnier BB Cream is awesome! I have naturally pale skin myself but I like to always have a bit of self tan on x


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