£50 BooHoo Challenge


This morning I was contacted by Karen of www.fashionvouchers.com ( previously featured as a great place to save money online) challenging me to create a BooHoo (www.BooHoo.com) outfit for under £50 - no voucher codes or student discount allowed! Here is what I chose...

Steph Peplum Dress - £10 - I chose a black dress as I feel that you can't go wrong with a LBD and as peplum is coming 'in', or so I believe, this would be perfect for Autumn or Winter.

Catalina Peep Toe Wedges - £25- Again, I feel that black is a very versatile colour and would go perfectly with the black dress and tights if needs be. Also, as wedges are more comfortable than stilettos I would hopefully get less foot-ache and fall over less.

Ostrich Effect Clutch - £10 -  To break up the black-ness of the outfit I decided to accesorize with a pink clutch. The hot pink contrasts the black and is big enough to hold your party essentials.

Una Peekaboo Nail Polish - £4 -As I don't wear jewellery I like to pull my outfit together with my nails,hair and make-up. I thought that this pink polish would compliment the hot pink clutch without being matchy-matchy.

What are your thoughts on the outfit? Let me know!

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  1. Nice outfit :) I've done this challenge on my blog too, was fun! xo


    1. Indeed, what's better than virtual shopping!? x

  2. Looks great, I love the combination of hot pink and black, never gets old! Loving peplums as well, I just did a post on peplums actually, maybe you'd like to read it? All indie UK shops and designers as well, link is http://secretcarousel.blogspot.com/2012/09/each-peach-peplum.html

    Julia x
    Carousel Secrets

  3. This outfit is too cute, well done for getting it all for under £50.00, i hope you got to keep the outfit for your hard work?

    Love your blog.


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